【iKala Cloud】APIM 工程師 (Apigee)- APIM Engineer (Apigee)

iKala 愛卡拉互動媒體股份有限公司

iKala 愛卡拉互動媒體股份有限公司 work environment photoiKala 愛卡拉互動媒體股份有限公司 work environment photoiKala 愛卡拉互動媒體股份有限公司 work environment photoiKala 愛卡拉互動媒體股份有限公司 work environment photoiKala 愛卡拉互動媒體股份有限公司 work environment photo

Job Description

1. Install, configure, and test Apigee installations and Upgrades
2. Design, develop, configure, and troubleshoot APIs and policies using APIGEE
3. Build and support the APIs through the entire lifecycle
4. Requirements discussion and troubleshooting with customers
5. Deliver APIM training


1. 5+ years of related software development experience
2. Experience in Operating and deploying online web services
3. Experience in design and development of REST API
4. Experience in CI/CD tools (e.g. Jenkins, Concourse, Ansible, Maven, etc)
5. Familiar with Source Code Control (e.g. SVN, Git)
6. Familiar with Linux system administration
7. Familiar with Shell Script and at least 1 programming language (e.g. Python, Java, etc)

1. Familiar with GCP
2. Familiar with k8s or vmware
3. Experience in API Management Systems (Apigee, 3scale, axway, IBM API Connect, etc) 
4. Familiar with web security related knowledge (e.g. OAuth, PKI) 
5. Familiar with SOAP/J2EE 
6. Experience in Financial and Banking industries 


1M ~ 1.3M TWD/year

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iKala 愛卡拉互動媒體股份有限公司


About us

  iKala 是一間跨國的 AI 公司,使命是「AI 賦能」,讓我們的客戶能夠以 AI 為核心來達成事業轉型、加速、及創造新商業模式的目標。iKala 提供以 AI 驅動的數位轉型及數據行銷整體解決方案,旗下有 iKala Cloud 及 iKala Commerce 等雲端及新零售服務與產品,服務超過 400 家企業及 15,000 家廣告主及品牌主,其中包含多家財星 500 大企業,服務範圍跨越 7 個國家 (新加坡、台灣、日本、香港、越南、泰國、菲律賓) 及超過 12 種產業。iKala 以顧客為念,我們不斷提升服務品質及投資創新研發,致力於為顧客創造更多的價值。iKala 同時是 Google 及 Facebook 的合作夥伴。

iKala's mission is to "enable AI competencies" of enterprises, to increase their customer acquisition capability and customer lifetime value, by providing AI-driven digital transformation and data-driven marketing solutions. More than 400 enterprises across 12 industries, along with 15,000+ advertisers, including Fortune 500 companies, have used iKala's technology to transform their business, reach and sell to their customers with AI. iKala is proudly recognized as "Google Technology Partner", "Google Cloud Premier Partner", and "Facebook Marketing Partner". iKala is operating in Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. As a customer-centric company, we are dedicated to creating more value for enterprises by continuously investing in our services and innovation.

  「自由與責任」是 iKala 的核心價值。我們強調自由的風氣,同時要求每位同仁承擔起責任,期許自己成為一家對社會有意義及有益的公司。我們相信以人為本的 AI,認為 AI 應該以增強人類的能力為目的。AI 必須促進人類社會的平等,以及我們必須認真引導 AI 的發展、使全人類獲益。iKala 將一直致力於透過 AI 產品,來使人們的生活更輕鬆、更美好、幫助人們更有效地完成任務,為生活中的美好事物騰出時間。
"Freedom and responsibility" is the core value of iKala. We let the wind of freedom blow, while assuming the responsibility to be a purposeful and benevolent company to the society. We believe in Human-Centered AI (HAI), in that AI should be an augmentation to humans. AI should help foster the fairness and equality of humanity, and its advancement should be carefully guided for the greater good. We, iKala, are dedicated to making people's lives easier and better by crafting AI products, help people complete their tasks more efficiently, and spare their time for wonderful things in their lives. 


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