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Company summary


Founded in 1986, iDA Workplace has been dynamically engaged to achieve the goal of creating a flexible workplace with higher productivity to transform a place for work into a space for life.

Apart from providing transactional services, we perceive ourselves as client’s business partner who delivers strategic values, rendering solutions for maximizing the space utilization from aesthetical and functional points of view, fulfilling client’s needs as well as offering flexibility throughout the organization’s changes. Our in-house Strategy Division of Workplace Research and Change Management services works with clients to identify various business needs through a series of engagement activities, design implementation, change management of transforming physical and psychological adjustments.

iDA 於1986年成立,至今邁入第38年,

Products or services

Interior Design

Workplace is a platform for organizational management, and we know the importance of your strategic value to your business.

We help you to develop a complete understanding of how your people work, and your business visions. Our goal is to come up with evidence based workplace strategies and design solutions that matter to your real estate decisions, brand image, cultural alignment and business objectives.


We can just imagine how disappointing if a well-designed workplace missed opportunity to be seamlessly transformed from blueprints to actual space by improperly managed construction.

Environmental friendliness, safety, quality assurance and sustainability – in addition to delivering within budget and timeframe, we strive for continuous evolvement of construction techniques that matters to your successes. On top of that, our proactive post occupancy service with regular inspection has as well made us as the choice for the clients.

Workplace Strategy + Change Management

Workplace Research is one critical step where you can see through your business culture, vision & analyze employees’ behaviors, and eventually filter a prototype of workplace.

iDA’s research findings and expertise have been successfully applying to actionable, comprehensive workplace and change management strategies in many projects. We know how to help your people more quickly and happily adjust to new set of workplace environment and behaviors.

Environmental Graphic Design

Without a proper visual system, the workplace is never complete.

We help you accomplish it by coming up with a whole package of office visual system which will support the strategic design for your workspace. From graphic to installation or navigation design we perfect the visual experience.


iDA's primary goal is to create flexible work environments and enhance corporate productivity through strategic spatial planning.We believe that technological advancements will revolutionize the present and future of work, life, and entertainment. As such, iDA no longer positions itself solely as an interior design or space planning firm, but as a business partner and provider of comprehensive solution offerings. We are also integrating a hybrid working behavior model that combines the "physical" and "virtual" realms to deliver all-encompassing corporate office space design solutions for our clients.


Employee benefits


• Employee activities and gatherings:
Regularly organize team activities and gatherings to enhance team bonding.
Transportation service partnership:
   Collaborate with 55688 Enterprise to provide convenient commuting services for business purposes.
Employee birthday cash bonus / Mid-Autumn Festival gift box.
Meal allowance:
   Provide meal subsidies for missed meals.
Professional certification subsidy related to work.
   Encourages staff to pursue and learn new skills.
Regular afternoon tea time.• Domestic and international employee trips:
   Achieve annual performance goals to earn corresponding travel rewards
   (Have visited countries: United States, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, France, Japan, etc.)

• 團隊活動與聚餐:定期活動聚餐,增進團隊凝聚力。
• e化乘車服務:55688企業合作,洽公通勤輕鬆便利。
• 員工生日禮金 / 中秋禮盒 / 聖誕節交換禮物
• 伙食津貼:提供誤餐費補助
• 工作相關專業證照補助:鼓勵員工多方學習
• 專案完工分享會與慶祝派對
• 每週跨部門午茶聚會
• 海內外員工旅遊:達成業績目標獲得相應的旅遊獎勵

Work environment


• Open and free corporate culture with efficient lateral communication
• Flexible working hours: No strict clock-in rules, providing flexible working time.
• Flexibility in working on makeup days: Accommodating employees' needs by allowing flexible adjustment of vacation time.

• 開放自由的高效企業文化,平行通暢的溝通管道
• 彈性上下班:雲端門禁系統,彈性靈活的工作時間。
• 補班日彈性上班:照顧員工需求,彈性調整休假。


Ergonomic office area:
   Provide a high-quality working environment , prioritizing employees' health and comfort.
Healthy beverages and snacks:
   Regularly replenish complimentary various healthy snacks and drinks.
Outdoor garden terrace:
   Relax and enjoy the afternoon sun on the open-air garden terrace during work breaks.
Dedicated cleaning services:
  Daily cleaning of office spaces by professional cleaners, providing a clean and tidy work environment.
• Indoor materials showroom:
   Bright and open showroom for materials and selections
• Game room:
  Equipped with a mini basketball hoop, darts, and bean bags, a space for mental relaxation or a nap break.
• Phone booth:
   Convenient for brief small meetings or answering private phone calls.
Display of domestic and international artworks.
   Making art part of everyday life.
Convenient transportation:
   Close proximity to bus stops/Ubike stations, ample parking spaces in the surrounding area.

• 人體工學辦公區:採光通風良好的優質工作環境,重視員工的健康和舒適度。
  (電動升降桌 / 護眼雙螢幕/Herman Miller Aeron人體工學椅 / 環保吸音地毯...等)
• 健康飲品零食:定期補充各式健康零食和飲品。
• 露天花園平台:工作之餘放鬆身心,享受陽光與綠意
• 專人打掃環境:每日專人打掃,乾淨整潔的工作環境。
• 室內材料展間:搭配各段色溫無線燈控的明亮選材空間
• 遊戲間:小型球框/飛鏢/懶骨頭,討論與午休好去處
• 電話亭:方便短暫進行小型會議或接聽私人電話
• 海內外藝術品展示,讓藝術是生活的一部分
• 位民生社區交通便利鄰近公車站/Ubike/停車位充足


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■ Qualifications - 建築/室內設計相關大學科系 - 5年以上商空/辦公空間室內設計經驗 - 勇於挑戰創新、具備設計思辨與獨立作業能力 - 良好的跨界協作與有效溝通能力 (英文能力良好尤佳) - 熟悉施工圖繪製/具備工地經驗/法規相關檢討尤佳 - Bachelor's degree from an accredited school of design. - Minimum ...
45K ~ 60K TWD / month
5 years of experience required
No management responsibility

■ Job Description - 協助專案主設計師準備設計提案內容 - 將企業理念與品牌特質轉化為空間設計概念 - 空間視覺風格/色彩計畫/軟裝規劃搭配 -根據空間機能與需求規劃視覺與圖象設計 - Assist project lead designers in preparing proposal content. - Propose design concept that alig...
42K ~ 60K TWD / month
1 years of experience required
No management responsibility

• Manage and coordinate for Design /Design Build Project • Responsibility for the designated projects • Main contact point for designated projects • Preparation of Bidding Proposal, Scheduling, Pla...
40K ~ 70K TWD / month
3 years of experience required
No management responsibility