Computer vision algorithm engineer

In Search management consultant

Job Description

  • Responsible for the development of computer vision algorithms (face/target detection, tracking, recognition, pedestrian detection, human pose estimation, gesture tracking, monitoring, traffic video analysis, pedestrian re-identification, etc.)
  • Design visual algorithm solutions, business logic, and system engineers to productize algorithms based on specific needs
  • Requirements

    Master's degree or above with solid foundation in computer vision and machine learning
    Master C/C++ and MATLAB/Python with strong algorithm implementation capabilities
    Proficiency in using algorithm libraries such as OpenCV and commonly used deep learning platform frameworks (Caffe, Pytorch, Tensorflow, etc.)


    70K ~ 100K TWD/month



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    In Search management consultant


    About us

    IN Search Management Consultants Co., Ltd is a leading Taiwanese boutique recruitment and executive search firm in a high-tech related industry, covering Engineering, SW and IT Technology, Supply Chain and Procurement, and Sales/Marketing.

    We aim to create a platform that can both put partnership customers in touch with brilliant talents in the Asia Pacific technology and industry sector and provide a career consultancy service to talented candidates - a win-win solution.

    IN Search卓恩管理顧問有限公司,是一間台灣精品級的專業人力招聘顧問公司,專注於科技業、傳產製造業與醫藥健康業裡的中高階層的技術職及管理職的人力招募,為我們的客戶及求職者提供人才招聘媒合、企業諮詢、人才分析及市場資訊,使客戶與求職者獲得最有效準確之趨勢與資訊,以創造出更優質的專業服務體驗。同時我們致力於打造一個誠信、承諾、互惠、創新與合作的服務平台,為客戶提供全方位的人力解決方案,也為求職者規劃職場方向,發揮才能抱負,並獲得更多的青睞機會。


    一直以來,我們秉持著正直的承諾與誠信,來為企業及求職者提供一站式的專業服務,並透過持續學習的精神及永不放棄的態度來精進自己的競爭力,完美成功地達成一次次性的目標及任務。我們相信在我們專業優質保密的服務下,能夠讓IN Search更加成長茁壯,成為市場上的首席招聘領導專家。


    weiting tsai

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