Senior Web Developer (Rails)

Job Description

At Incubit, we transform imagination into inspiration using the most suitable technology and design. We propose optimal solutions for our clients by creating systems using agile development methodologies.

We are still growing every day and we need your help to make things better and better!

  •  Provide full stack expertise to manage and deliver successful web application systems. 
  •  Work with project managers to assist with prioritization, timelines, and documentation.  
  • Improve development environments for the team to be more efficient and keep good quality of codes
  • Flexible work hours and possibilities for remote work 
  • A better annual leaves policy than labor laws 
  • Monthly reimbursement to continue learning through events or purchasing study materials 
  • Team-building between Japan & Taiwan team
Some of our past works as web developers
  • Chatbot integrated with NLP service for EC CRM system
  • API development for Image Recognition models
  • Web Annotation tool for AI developers


Must have - Solid production experience with Ruby on Rails - Production experience with at least one frontend framework - Experience with Docker - Experience owning a project from scratch to production - Self-motivated and self-managing, with strong organizational skills Nice to have - Experience with provision tools such as Ansible or Chef - Experience with AWS solution - Experience with NodeJS - Experience with Elixir - Experience with Go


900K ~ 1.6M TWD / year



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