Web前端工程師 (Front-end Developer)

Job Description

About our Company

At Incubit, we transform imagination to inspiration using the best technology and design. We propose optimal solutions for our clients by creating systems using agile development methodologies. We are based in Tokyo and we just created our first branch in Taipei!

We offer technical innovation consulting and development centered around web and AI solutions. When we provide consulting services, we use a Design Thinking process led by our UX team to propose solutions that are usable, desirable and technically feasible. Once the optimal solution is accepted, we develop the product using agile methodologies. With this process, we work alongside clients from ideation to realization!

We need your help with the following:

  • Be a founding member in our newly formed branch in Taiwan
  • Lead and provide front end development expertise throughout the system development life cycle to manage and deliver successful web application systems.
  • Work with project managers to assist with prioritization, timelines, and documentation.


Required Qualifications: - Bachelor's degree in computer science, similar technical degree, or equivalent practical experience. - At least 3 years of work experience as a front-end engineer. - Experience with the following: javascript, Angular.js or Vue.js, HTML5, css3, sass, jQuery, git - Conversational level communication or higher in English. - Experience developing applications in a team setting using agile methodologies. - Experience developing a project or solution from scratch. Preferred Qualifications: - Experience architecting, developing or maintaining hybrid/mobile applications, API development, or new technologies such as chat bots and AI systems. - Experience using the following: React, AWS, DB languages - Experience working at a startup. - Interest or experience working in a Japanese company.


Per year TWD 1,000,000 ~ 1,600,000



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