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Job Description

  1. Get data from both internal and external sources via API or crawlers.
  2. Perform data analysis to help marketing/business teams to answer business/operational questions.
  3. Build and optimize models for business decision making.
  4. Interpret trends or patterns from complex data sets by using statistical and visualization tools.
  5. Conduct data analysis reports to illustrate/visualize the results and insight.
  6. Build analytics tools that utilize the data pipeline to provide insights to customer needs, operational efficiency and other key business performance metrics.
  7. In charge of architecture design and data flow development for data collection, processing, and analysis.


  1. Excellent proficiency in Python, js, pandas... etc
  2. Understanding of the business and especially e-commerce sales logic.
  3. Ability to communicate clearly in Mandarin and English both verbally and in written form.
  4. Good learning ability, active contribution, and self-motivation.
  5. Good analytical skills to extract meaningful insights from the data.
  6. Data Modeling with SQL, Python, or R.


  1. Data processing experience in the e-commerce warehousing system.
  2. Experience of working with remote teams.
40K ~ 60K TWD/month
Partial Remote Work

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IAG 香港商創機科技股份有限公司


About us

IAG 是一個在 2017 年底由一群來自香港、台灣、中國、美國、英國的夥伴在香港成立的新創公司。母公司過去在二手機貿易產業已經穩定耕耘 10 多年,在觀察了整體產業的轉變,從 2016 年開始醞釀透過網路科技、軟體技術、數據分析,創造新的商業模式,帶動新的成長。

從 2018 年第一季,我們從獲取新客戶開始,經過將近一年的打磨、無數次的修正商業模式、不斷開發新的軟體功能、不停從數據中挖掘洞見等等,到第四季已經達到 5 千萬港幣的營業額。透過手機檢測軟體,以及 ERP 系統不斷蒐集所有檢測、採購、銷售等關鍵數據,我們得以從客觀的數據分析中找到嘗試的方向並快速實驗、查驗結果、再次調整、再實驗,如此不斷的循環,追求成長!


2020 年,隨著全球性的疫情影響,市場對於行動裝置的需求劇增,尤其已歐美電商平台的需求量增長最快,而正因為歐美的消費習慣以及消費者對於品質的要求很高,整個二手機市場型態的轉變被大大的加速了。軟體與數據的分析能夠持續提供價值,滿足市場對手機品質、銷售速度、數據透明的需求。

如果你對於 Startup 在創業過程中的高低起伏感到興奮,


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