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FiO's mission: To create a transparent and democratic data driven economy in which individuals in the economy can enjoy the economic benefit without compromising on privacy

Products or services

FiO is a SaaS platform for blockchain transformation using a simple blockchain tool while adapting 3rd party AI, IoT, and other solutions.


FiO's Mission: To become the largest BaaS tools provider with adaptation of IoT and AI services in the next 5 years.

Media coverage

2019/09/17 為本土中小企業量身打造的區塊鏈幫手 FiO

2019/10/16 數位轉型推手FiO將推出生活化區塊鏈服務

2019/11/01 區塊鏈浪潮來襲 FiO將舉行首次技術小聚

2019/11/15 FiO 首場技術小聚圓滿落幕商業化應用引起熱烈討論

2019/12/07 FiO參與時間銀行工作坊 刺激更多區塊鏈時間銀行應用可能參與時間銀行工作坊-刺激更多區塊鏈時間銀行應/

2019/12/14 FiO為多元產業提供全方位區塊鏈自助解決方案

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