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Job Description

Infocast is seeking an experienced back-end developer who possesses top-tier skills to help develop scalable, robust and high-availability API backend based on multi-services architecture. In this role, you will be responsible to support front-end and business intelligence engineers by integrating their work with the application


Main Responsibilities * Develop API endpoints, application optimization and write API documents * Implement automatic tests and background tasks * Assist in maintaining DB schema and related documents * Maintain and build clean, reusable and scalable codebase * Keep in touch with upgrades and new features of the technologies we are using * Enforce good practices (CI, refactoring, code standards) in development * Make things respond fast with the least resources possible * Improve test coverage in order to lower error rates * Interact with other colleagues in a spirit of sharing and optimization * Document work for other teams and feature reference Skilled Required * Excellent operational English, spoken and written * Ability to understand business priorities and advise on fastest road to production * Ability to work autonomously, set up deadlines and respect them * Proficiency in Java and/or Python * Solid understanding of relational and non-relational systems * Strong understanding of data structures and its components/processes * Knowledge of basic development tools (Git, bash scripting, command line, editors, etc.) * Familiarity with concepts of MVC, Mocking, ORM, and RESTful * Knowledge of software testing methodologies * Familiarity with Spring Framework, JPA, JMS or Flask, SQLAlchemy * Familiarity with API-based applications * Solid understanding of Application Independent backends * Working knowledge of PostgreSQL databases and proficient in SQL * Knowledge and respect for industry standards (12 factors, abstraction, design pattern, etc.) If you're interested in this position, please apply through and attach your English CV!


65K ~ 110K TWD/month

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About us

Infocast 從 2014 年開始集結世界各地的優秀夥伴,是一個年輕並充滿活力的多元文化團隊。我們的辦公室位於中山區,鄰近松江南京捷運站。比起階級管理、嚴格勤務時間等制度,我們團隊更重視歡樂、有創造力、能發揮協作能力和生產力的工作環境。我們相信多樣性的力量,而這也反映在 Infocast 來自世界各地的成員們所組成的國際性團隊。為了確保能實現團隊的共同目標,不論何時我們都重視且優先考量每一位成員的意見。Infocast 具有非傳統式的公司文化,提供有競爭力的薪資條件、開明的管理政策和彈性的工作時間。 Infocast is a young, dynamic and multi-cultural software development startup; located in Zhongshan, Taipei City. Our team works in an environment that emphasizes fun, creativity, teamwork, and productivity over bureaucracy, hierarchy, and attendance. We believe in the power of diversity, which is reflected in our international team, whose members come from different parts of the world. Prioritizing each team member’s voice and feedback in every step of the way ensures meeting our goals. We offer competitive salaries in a non-traditional company setup, with an open-door policy & flexible working hours.

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