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你將與研發團隊共同開發文件智能服務應用程式,串接REST API與gRPC,整合前端相關的SDK和後端的資料庫以及AI模組。

1. 與UI/UX設計師合作,開發網頁前端應用
2. 介接文件編輯器SDK,與第三方API
3. 持續優化系統前端執行效率與使用者體驗



  1. 1年以上前端相關工作經驗
  2. 熟悉HTML/CSS/Javascript/jQuery/ES6/React等前端技術與框架
  3. 熟悉Node、Webpack、Git等開發工具
  4. 熟悉前後端交互模式,對程式碼優化與前端效能優化有一定心得
  5. 具有使用REST與gRPC API經驗
  6. 熟悉Javascript設計模式,了解MVC/MVP/MVVM等架構


  1. 具備開發文件撰寫能力
  2. 高度自我管理與自我學習
  3. 主動提出最佳UI/UX的建議,與設計師討論


800K ~ 1.2M TWD/year



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Foxit Software Inc.


About us

We are the newly established Taiwan R&D center of one of the largest document management and PDF solution companies in the world, Foxit Software Inc. The R&D team in Taiwan develops AI-enabled features for our PDF solutions, operates cloud services, and develops and operates Document Intelligence Service. Our headquarters is located in the US. In addition to Taiwan, we have global R&D centers in China, German, Slovakia, and the US.

In 2019, we started Document Intelligence Service, a breakthrough platform powered by the advanced computer vision and NLP technologies to extracts key information and organize knowledge from documents and help professional workers prepare quality reports and presentations efficiently.

If you want to learn more about our parent company, please visit the official web site:

If you are interested to want to know open positions managed by Taiwan R&D center, please visit the job web site:


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