Web Backend Developer 後端工程師

Job Description

1. 負責開發和維護 web 服務, 包含 web/mobile web/in-app webpage, RESTful APIs  

2. 會和前端工程師還有 app 工程師密切合作  

3. 需要編寫注解並完成測試  

4. 需要持續優化代碼

1. You will be responsible to develop and maintain web service, including web/mobile web/in-app webpage, RESTful APIs  

2. You will work closely with both front-end developers and app developers  

3. You will write self-documented code and complete test cases  

4. You will continuously refactor code bases and optimize its performance


1. 至少熟悉一種 Web 框架 ( Rails 或 Django 或 Laravel) 2. 了解 RDBMS 3. 對於 Vue.js 或 React.js 有經驗 4. 曾經部署過你的程式到雲端 5. 知道怎麼使用 git 和 Github 6. 有一年以上的網站開發經驗 1. Experience in one of web framework (Rails or Django or Laravel ) 2. Experience in RDBMS (would be better if you have used MySQL) 3. Experience of Vue.js or React.js 4. Experience in deploy 5. Experience in Git and GitHub (would be better if you could provide your GitHub account for the reference) 6. 1+ years experience with web development


50K ~ 90K TWD / month



Default avatar ae20d401e23a63397f01598b26c607a47a1f16386924b9fa3047daf26389c83c
Default avatar ae20d401e23a63397f01598b26c607a47a1f16386924b9fa3047daf26389c83c

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