QA Internship 品質測試實習計劃

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inline 樂排股份有限公司 work environment photoinline 樂排股份有限公司 work environment photoinline 樂排股份有限公司 work environment photoinline 樂排股份有限公司 work environment photoinline 樂排股份有限公司 work environment photo

Job Description

Quality Assurance Internship 

inline makes restaurants smarter. Our software system was designed from the ground-up specifically for restaurants - it helps manage their tables, reservations, and in-person queues so they can focus purely on delivering the best experience possible for their patrons. The inline SaaS solution is used by thousands of restaurants around the world - from leading global chains to boutique Michelin star kitchens. Inline also partners with other leading food-tech platforms that direct traffic to our clients and increase their top-line growth. We've started off in Taiwan and have expanded to Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Canada, and the U.S.

Inline is looking for a Quality Assurance Intern with a career interest in Software as a service (SaaS) Operation role.

inline是專注於改善餐廳工作效率與服務品質的 SAAS 新創公司,全台知名連鎖餐廳、大型百貨、與美食入口平台都選擇 inline 成為營運及擴展業務最重要的合作伙伴。inline 的急速成長來自於新創團隊獨有的創意、彈性、與追求帶給客戶方便簡單的核心價值!


What you’ll do/learn:

    • Work independently and as a team member.
    • Collaborate with multiple roles to deliver high-quality and reliablility products.
    • Execute test cases based on the test plan that you are assigned to.
        • 與 QA team 及工程師,合作進行 inline App 測試
          • 手動測試為主:產品功能、UX、以及流程。
          • 手動測試上手後,下一步會建立測試案例、執行測試、問題追蹤、以及協助釐清問題。
        • 協助客服團隊幫助使用者進行問題排除。
        • 協助 PM / QA team 進行資料整理與分析。
    • Investigate issues & bugs and find out the way to reproduce them.


    Check if this sounds like you,

      1. 語言能力: 中文-精通/英文-良好 (inline 的同事來自世界各地,你需要和海外同事一起共事、溝通)
      2. 能運用excel函數做數據處理
      3. 熟悉 iOS 裝置與應用
      4. 擁有時間管理及組織架構能力,能夠根據不同的任務安排自己的priority
      5. 願意和公司一起成長、和新創團隊的同仁達成目標
      6. 一週上班時間至少20hr以上(每週三天以上)

        Interview process

        1. 電話面試:我們會先以電話與你訪談,說明實習內容並初步了解你的經歷是否符合此實習計劃。
        2. 現場面談:與團隊主管聊聊你的對實習的期待,以及對測試內容的掌握度。

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        inline 樂排股份有限公司


        About us

        inline 是一套專攻餐廳經營者使用,提高餐廳管理桌況及訂位效率的雲端管理系統公司,我們有超過千家餐聽正在使用我們的系統,其中包含了多個連鎖餐飲集團、米其林星級餐廳、百貨商場及特色名店。並與多個美食相關平台業者合作,讓餐廳增加曝光率並有穩定成長的客源。

        inline is a software startup focused on maximizing restaurant efficiency managing tables and reservations. We have thousands of restaurants including leading chain brands, Michelin-starred restaurants, shopping malls, and busy brick-and-mortar restaurants. We also partner with food-tech platforms, social apps, and various media services to grow the exposure and business for inline restaurant customers.

        Our team is launching and exploring more global opportunities in key cities, including Sydney, Melbourn, Brisbane, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and the cities in APAC. For people with solid professional skills and talents, who are highly motivated to expand their career and grow in a fast, flexible environment, we have several opportunities to build the business with our teams and write the legend with inline for the next thousands of partners at a rapid pace.


        Teresa Lee
        Willy Wu
        Penny Chou
        Vita Chao
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        Justin Wu
        Fan Chen
        Spirit Tu
        Default avatar
        Charlene Peng
        Clara hsu
        Jack Liu
        Iris Lu
        Chelsea Chen
        Gilbert Hsieh
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