Senior SRE (Site Reliability Engineer)

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Job Description

inline is a rapidly growing software solutions company focused in restaurant ordering, delivery, and CRM. Companies including Google, Apple, Instagram, FB, and Uber use our web services and applications, and work with us behind the scenes to make the global food ordering industry go. Would you like to work on a global platform that serves thousands of businesses and 140M+ users across APAC? That's what we do.

inline is a low-key company that puts our customers’ success above all else, and places engineering on a pedestal to guarantee that success. Many of our staff, even in non-development roles, is technically capable if not an outright developer. We set a very high bar and this has brought our business success, because the best typically want to work with the best.

We're looking for a Senior System Reliability Engineer (SRE) to join our global engineering team. To succeed in this position, you will be an experienced developer with deep knowledge of cloud platform validation and issue resolution.

We know how rare your talent is, and we understand its value. We offer premium benefits packages including equity plans and flexible schedules. Our culture is open, warm, and focused on giving you everything you need to deliver at the top of your game.

For those located outside of Taiwan, this position is full-time remote on local hours.


What you will do / 工作內容

  1. develop and integrate tools for cloud platform deployment, validation, and health assurance
  2. engineer cloud platforms for stability under load and dynamic traffic conditions
  3. engineer cloud platforms for durability in the face of attacks, and identify and ameliorate security events
  4. support and identify production issues and independently identify cause, driving the issue down to source

What you should have / 工作技能

  • At least 5 years SRE experience focusing on Production Support of Cloud Platforms in AWS or GCP
  • At least 2 years application development experience
  • In-depth knowledge cloud architecture, deployment, and validation strategies
  • Broad knowledge of platform monitoring and validation tools
  • Strong ability to quickly and independently recognize and diagnose root-cause of production issues
  • Familiarity with network issue resolution in TCP/IP and DNS domains

General requirements / 工作需求

  • Experience working in a small team and taking ideas from design to completion.
  • Like to choose the best tools and tech for the job, to build high-quality software.
  • Iterating towards greatness across multiple releases is something you enjoy.
  • You value observability, predictability, and stability in production environments, and know how to achieve it.
  • Ability to communicate in English with colleagues while solving engineering issues.

Tech you should know / 相關須知

  • Back-end: NodeJS, Express, RESTful APIs, Microservice Architecture
  • Monitoring: StackDriver, CloudWatch, NewRelic, ELK/EFK, DataDog
  • Deployment: Chef, Puppet, Cloud Formations
  • Network: Wireshark, Postman, Command-line tools
  • CDN: CloudFront, Cloudflare
  • Servers in-general: Kubernetes, GCP, AWS
  • Front-end: Javascript, React, iOS
  • Stuff we use: GitHub, CircleCI, Slack, Asana, Mixpanel, Intercom, Kibana

All applications must be submitted in English.

Interview process


  • Half of the inline team is based outside of Taiwan, and this position is on a global team - so please apply in English!
  • Most candidates will go through a screening interview plus one or two rounds of technical interviews.
  • Expect a technical challenge which you'll need to complete independently.
  • Please note, salary will be adjusted to local rates & norms. 
60K ~ 180K USD / year
Optional Remote Work
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Logo of inline 樂排股份有限公司.

About us

inline 是一套專攻餐廳經營者使用,提高餐廳管理桌況及訂位效率的雲端管理系統公司,我們有超過千家餐聽正在使用我們的系統,其中包含了多個連鎖餐飲集團、米其林星級餐廳、百貨商場及特色名店。並與多個美食相關平台業者合作,讓餐廳增加曝光率並有穩定成長的客源。

inline is a software startup focused on maximizing restaurant efficiency managing tables and reservations. We have thousands of restaurants including leading chain brands, Michelin-starred restaurants, shopping malls, and busy brick-and-mortar restaurants. We also partner with food-tech platforms, social apps, and various media services to grow the exposure and business for inline restaurant customers.


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Mid-Senior level
180K ~ 240K TWD / month

176 ~ 176 TWD / hour

Mid-Senior level
100K ~ 200K TWD / month