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【招募中】 Sr. Frontend Software Engineer/資深前端工程師

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Job Description

InQuartik is the leading internet company which exploits IT technologies to reshape modern intellectual properties (IP) industry. We aim to build excellent products with AI, ML, based on large-scale IP data. Provides automated tools and insights to IP experts and lead our clients' success.

The ideal candidate will be a senior web developer with experience in shipping web applications with rich interactivity and organized architecture. We are looking for an experienced, self-motivated and passionate frontend engineer to work on building the presentation layer and the rich interface for our products.


  • Design and implement a high-performance dynamic web application with technologies such as React, Vue.js, Webpack, ES6, Node.js, etc.
  • Take full ownership of projects from design (collaborate with the design team) to implementation and deployment
  • Take research projects for POC and work collaboratively to shift them to engineering
  • Analyze and optimize the performance and reliability of the web app.
  • Develop deep expertise in multiple areas including web-based technologies, web monitoring, and APIs.



  • Must have: JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5
  • Proficient in Node.js, React, or Vue.js
  • Strong understanding and command of web standards, W3C DOM methods, and properties
  • High-level design, development, deployment, and integration of REST API's
  • Experience with CI/CD Delivery – GitLab, Jenkins, Grunt, Gulp, Jasmin, Mocha

What makes you outstanding:

  • Proven ability to ship beautiful, stable and high-performance desktop and mobile web applications from start to finish
  • Experience with automated testing framework
  • Experience with Wordpress - if you have experiences with Wordpress development, we want you!
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1.2M ~ 2M TWD / year
Optional Remote Work
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Logo of 孚創雲端股份有限公司.


SaaS / Cloud Services
51 - 200 people

About us

InQuartik 孚創雲端為國際專利平台 Patentcloud 的創建者,由資料、軟體、專利等各領域頂尖人才組成,開發出自動且客觀評價專利品質與價值的 AI 演算法,提供全球客戶在研發、資本金融、投資併購、營運、訴訟時,所需的智慧財產洞見。

身為Unified Patents、Docket Navigator 等國際專利服務龍頭的夥伴,我們處理全球超過 440,000 件專利申請案,經手超過 100,000 件專利交易,參與了 1,000 多件專利訴訟案,客戶來自美國、歐洲、中國、日本、印度、台灣等,其中包含世界500強企業,Panasonic、TSMC、WABCO等,橫跨了豐富多元的產業。 


在孚創雲端的全球舞台,每一份熱情都適得其所,得以擁抱世界,發光發亮。在這片沃土上,我們誠摯地期盼與優秀人才加入,一同站上世界舞台,提供客戶頂尖SaaS服務。 我們掌握先機,迅速開拓市場,客戶遍佈全球。 我們希望有機會,能與您聊聊。 


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