[Freelance] 字幕翻译_英文到简体中文

IYUNO 韓商艾語諾有限公司台灣分公司

Job Description


- 给影片进行英文到中文的翻译工作

- 确保内容无语法,误译等错误



- 精通国语及英文,以及拥有良好中英文写作能力

- 能注意到具体细节,积极进取

- 能独立工作,听从分配,并善于管理时间及时完成自己的任务

- 有责任心,有恒心与毅力做好翻译工作 

- 不限制办公地址、年龄及文凭

- 有翻译或校稿审阅工作经验者优先。


25 ~ 50 USD/piece rate

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IYUNO 韓商艾語諾有限公司台灣分公司


About us

IYUNO is the world’s leading media localization service company that connects video and people. We are the most spotlighted company providing subtitling and dubbing services in multi languages not only to the biggest OTT platform but also international broadcasting companies. For more information, please visit our official website: iyunomg.com

IYUNO discovers potential talent at an early stage with extraordinary philosophy and supports them to grow. IYUNO believes the power of collective intelligence and together we are a team player organization that can draw outstanding solutions with innovative thoughts. Sometimes, IYUNO argues decisively but we do respect each individual we meet. IYUNO will try to expand and take new business opportunities to develop our business in sophisticated and systematic ways. Now, we are waiting for you to join us to achieve our goal together. To find out more about corporate culture, please visit our official website: https://www.iyunomg.com/


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