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ECAD/Layout Advanced Engineer, SME (Subject Matter Expert) (Server & Storage-三重)

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Job Description

Advanced Engineer will work on:
- Pre-concept/ Concept evaluation.
- Feasibility Study
- Deliver Early Design Work


- BS or MS degree in electrical engineering or equivalent with at least 15 years related experience in Server/Storage PCB design
- Leads ECAD design and validation on significantly challenging and unique product applications
- Able to do feasibility study and provide routing proposal for RFQ or Concept project
- Able to estimate layout routing schedule base on the project spec
- Delivers high quality placement and routing proposal based on Customer requirement
- Communicate and coordinate with function team to solve routing related issue
- Able to learn and participate in the design and development of new products and new technologies
- Ability to complete placement, CM setting and routing for Main board
- Ability to optimize layer count and routing for the PCB design

- Experience of working in major server OEM/ODM company, like Quanta, Foxconn, Wistron etc.
- Ever work with Tier one customer like Google, Meta, Dell, HP etc.
- Fluent English in speaking/listening.

There are common characteristics we are looking for in the AE team:

Broad Knowledge
- Industry-wide – knows best practices in him/her domain as is common in the industry (OEMs and ODMs)
- Capability to deep-dive into relevant design specifications for their domain
- Experience in overall architecture for products and solutions.
- Ability to do a ROM estimate: high-level cut of NRE and time needed
- Capable of working with abstract requirements. And assist with hardening those requirements.

- Learn new technology
- Assess alternate paths available for design and architecture. (Don’t do it this way, do in another way)
- Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. Capability to deep-dive
- Engage Technology partners on Proof of Concept and technology trend to gain the leading edge advantage to build world-class solution/product.
- Drives innovation and integration of new technologies into Technology Roadmap

- Ability to effectively communicate product architectures, design proposals and negotiate options with key stakeholders.
- Ability to Cooperate with the CTO and BU during pre-concept/concept to ensure safe implementation of the new feature.
- Good leadership skill set that can lead cross-function teams to deliver the best result.
- Must to have good working spirit and work well in a team and face-paced environment

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10 years of experience required
40,000+ TWD / month
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此策略已取得回報 — 在逾十年期間,憑藉堅定不移的致力於適當結合服務、行業、位置、系統和人員,我們已獲得了兩位數的增長。Jabil 已使用 “JBL” 代碼在紐約證券交易所上市,我們歡迎有志加入的員工查閱公司的財務概況。

我們為具備資質的個人提供公平的僱用機會,無論其是何種族、宗教、膚色、年齡、國籍、性別、殘疾和性向。我們將員工在技能、能力、經驗和背景方面的多元化視為一項優勢,並在 Jabil 的所有領域中提倡發揮該項優勢。

我們主張聘用合適的人員、將他們安排在能貢獻一己之力的職位上,並為他們提供作出決定所需的工具和職權。如果您對自己所做的一切皆抱持品質第一的心態,且熱衷於達成目標,那麼 Jabil 是您的不二之選。


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Mid-Senior level
80K ~ 120K TWD / month

Mid-Senior level
80K ~ 150K TWD / month

Mid-Senior level
80K ~ 150K TWD / month