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集團總部 - Pizza Hut New Business Development Project Assistant Manager

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Job Description

【Project 1 - Food-locker Project】
- Lead & deliver Food-locker (Phase 1-2) financial deliverables, by building new Pizza Hut pick up model with new incremental business in next 3-years.

- Lead & expand cost effective “5-min-trade zone” pick up model – Food-locker and hot-hold project, to reach our 1000 TCs goal, on top of 90% household penetrations.

- Lead & build “Pizza Hut” into “EVERYDAY” meal choice in off-line, as we successfully built in on-line with >10% sales mix

- Lead & collaborate internally with task force consist of marketing, operation, D&C, DTS, and FIN to deliver this breakthrough projects, and externally with our business partners 7-11 and Family Marts.

- Food-locker project include 1) Site Selection ; 2) consumer experience in foodlocker order process ; 3) operation support model ; 4) Menu design ; 5) new model communication plan ; 6) financial model

【Project 2 – Break-the-limit Project】
- Lead & deliver Break-the-limit 3-year-project by helping Taiwan to reduce youth unemployment rate via capability enhancement, coaching arrangement, working placement arrangement as well as public awareness programs.

- Lead & build Pizza Hut support the youth equity via Break-the-limit program, as our strategic focus in mid-long term is YOUNGER consumer (Gen-Z), while majority of our operation staff are youth and our

- Lead & collaborate internally with task force consist of 5 key functions – including NGO management & students recruitment ; PR and marketing communication and collaboration ; Operation staff recruitment and training ; external collaboration with external business partners and entities to support this program, while externally with our business partner YUM to update progress

- Break-the-limit project include 1) NGO collaboration for training development and students recruitment ; 2) Operation staff recruitment ; 3) External companies collaboration for coach recruitment and placement opp ; 4) Collaboration with 104 and KOL on driving this issue awareness and build Pizza Hut equity.

【Project 3 – Support & Coordinate GM Office Events】
- Lead & deliver important annual events under GM Office, with task force.


1. Minimum education requirement
- College degree or above

2. Relevant experience and minimum years required
- More than 2 years of work experience in e-commerce, startups, or businesses primarily operating online, such as Fast-moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).
- Have strong project management experience
- Strong proficiency in data analysis and deconstruction, capable of deriving essential information and proposing improvement plans based on that analysis.
- Ability to assist in tracking project progress and proposing solutions.
- Strong communication and cross-department collaboration skills.
- Demonstrated capability in business expansion and negotiation across industries.
- Excellent communication and presentation skills, capable of delivering data analysis in a user-friendly manner.
- Operational experience in collaborating with food delivery platforms and familiarity with platform systems (nice to have).
- Proficient in using data analysis tools such as Power BI, etc..

Basic skills requirements
- Familiar with the operation of PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook and other operating systems
- Have experience in project development
- Project Management Certificate
- English ability is a plus

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2 years of experience required
Regular earnings reach NT$40,000
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怡和餐飲集團為亞洲領先的餐飲集團之一,旗下經營品牌包括 KFC 肯德基、Pizza Hut 必勝客及 PHD,業務遍佈香港、澳門、緬甸、台灣及越南。怡和餐飲集團營運超過 940 家分店,旗下 25,000 多名員工擁抱多元共融,每天均以熱誠與顧客分享美食帶來的簡單喜悅。多年來,怡和餐飲集團不斷力求進步,致力推動人才、創新、協作及可持續發展。怡和餐飲集團為怡和集團成員之一。


  • 必勝客:必勝客為連鎖比薩領導品牌,提供美味多樣的餐點,賓至如歸的服務,以及創新的品牌經營,這些皆來自於我們對於顧客最佳用餐體驗的堅持。誠摯地邀請您加入必勝客大家庭,期待您能與我們一同成長、共創未來。
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Regular earnings reach NT$40,000

Entry level
35K ~ 40K TWD / month

Entry level
Regular earnings reach NT$40,000