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Job Description

We’re looking for an Office Manager who can take our growing team to the next level. Our Office Manager will be responsible for daily office operations.

This role will be one of the first of a larger team and will be instrumental in setting up tools, processes, and website content for the group in the future.

He/she is entrepreneurial and is excited to be a pioneering member of a new and exciting software business.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Schedule and coordinate meetings and general office-related tasks.
  • Support/coordinate local team recruiting
  • Maintain website (content) and LinkedIn page for company services

Technical Skills required:

  • Highly organized and assertive.
  • File management/archiving, Office software, meeting minutes recording, website content management, etc.
  • Conversational in both English and Chinese.

Soft Skills required:

  • Self-motivated. Able to work remote/unsupervised.
  • Problem-solving skills. Able to understand requirements and goals from different teams in different locations.
  • Ambition. There will be many opportunities to improve this process and expand the role and team in the coming months. We want somebody who is excited to build a business with us.

Interview process

(1) 第一次的面試, 約 1-1.5 小時:至內湖的辦公室,對職務與公司發展做更進一步的了解。

(2) 第二階段:與加拿大 CEO 遠端面談。

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2 years of experience required
30K ~ 45K TWD / month
Optional Remote Work
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Logo of 次元科技股份有限公司.

About us

JigenTec is a cloud infrastructure service provider based in Taipei, Taiwan. With over three decades of experience, we build, update and innovate software for European and North American businesses looking to win over the digital audience in Asia Pacific.

Currently, our clients are several multinational industries. Most of them are publicly traded gaming companies. They run live platforms for Desktop and Mobile which involve real-time streaming video and RNG games. We also provide services to the E-commerce industry who wants to develop their business in Asia.

次元科技股份有限公司 (JigenTec Co., Ltd.) 是一間以軟體服務為主的雲端整合專門家, 提供最專業的全方位服務:專業諮詢、分析建議、解決問題;所有需求一次到位。我們的專業領域是整合歐洲及亞洲的市場,團隊中的幾位專家這十幾年來致力於亞洲市場的營運,並尋求讓我們的顧客在亞洲市場中更具有競爭力。我們的團隊是由軟體領域的專家所組成,目前正在正進行嶄新的事業。希望能夠找到有才華的專業人士與我們一起拓展亞洲市場的事業並且共同貢獻社會。

次元科技股份有限公司 (JigenTec Co., Ltd.) 主要負責協助客戶在亞太地區進行伺服器架設、維修及各項控管等服務,我們使用最尖端的技術與模擬真實使用者體驗的測試結果,提供最貼近客戶需求的諮詢與建議;並協助客戶傳達高品質的網路效能,及雲端基礎架構等服務。


Entry level
50K ~ 90K TWD / month

Entry level
60K ~ 100K TWD / month