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JOYSO Enterprise 成立於2016年12月,由多個區塊鏈愛好者組成,旨在推廣與區塊鏈相關的應用和開發。除了與台灣的大型企業合作外,還參與全球技術研發,以促進既有系統對區塊鏈的整合和採用。2018年5月,JOYSO Enterprise 推出了旗下產品——混合式去中心化交易所 JOYSO,支援100多種加密貨幣交易對。除了交易所,JOYSO Enterprise 還與 TRON(波場)、Muzeum、Nebulas(星雲鏈)、Ethereum(以太坊)等組織合作開發了數個項目。

自2022年起,Bachelier Protocol 是JOYSO團隊全新打造,建立在區塊鏈上的去中心化「選擇權」協定,使用自動化做市的機制(AMM)降低交易過程所產生的滑價。考量到選擇權產品的特性,讓流動性提供者有更多的選擇性,並加入清算機制以保障交易過程的安全。

Founded in December 2016, Consensus Innovation is formed by several blockchain enthusiasts to promote blockchain-related applications and development. In addition to cooperating with large enterprises in Taiwan, it also participates in worldwide technology research and development, promotes the integration and adoption of blockchain in existing systems. In May 2018, JOYSO, a hybrid decentralized exchange, product of Consensus Innovation launched and provide more than 100 trading pairs of crypto currency. Aside from the exchange, Consensus Innovation has several projects in developments with organizations such as TRON, Nebulas, Ethereum etc.

Bachelier Protocol is a JOYSO affiliated blockchain based Defi options protocol that uses Autonomous Market Making (AMM) to minimize slippage during trading since 2022. We aim to offer more to the liquidity providers and to include liquidation mechanism for better trading experience.

Products or services

D.E.C.T.S Solutions
Dapp & smart contract development
Exchange (decentralized) services
Custody management solutions
Token model consultancy
Support Services


Hybrid is the future.
We devoted ourselves to decentralize the world!




前端工程師 - Frontend(Javascript) Engineer

1. 開發基於以太坊的交易平台 2. 改善網頁使用者體驗 3. 撰寫測試 ◆開發環境 1.使用 Angular 4+ 框架 2.使用 TypeScript 3.使用 RESTful API 與 WebSocket 建構 SPA 網站 4.使用 web3 串接以太坊區塊鏈結點,進行合約操作 5.使用 Bootstrap CSS 框架 6.使用 GitHub 版本控制
1.12M ~ 1.68M TWD/year
Updated 23 days ago

UI/UX Designer

Responsibilities Create the Project logo icons to meet the project goals. Develop wireframes, high-fidelity mockups, and prototypes. Collaborating with PM, designers and developers to create and de...
Updated about 1 month ago
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