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Job Description

For this role, you will have to:

Be responsible for developing innovative, programming and graphic design are all elements of this position.

  • Mobile-based application design, development and maintenance
  • Translating business/user requirements into technical design and development projects• Providing designs, prototypes, tests and documentations for projects
  • Delivering project milestones on-time with high level of quality and user satisfaction• Providing technical support to completed projects
  • Working effectively as a member of the development team
  • Working effectively as an individual for ad-hoc enhancements and fixes


  • Minimum 2 years of experience in IT/Software industry
  • Candidate must possess at least Bachelor‘s Degree inComputer Engineering or equivalent
  • Proficiency in Ruby on Rails (RoR), NodeJS
  • Ability to effectively troubleshoot and resolve issues
  • Ability to work under pressure and adhere to strict deadlines
  • Working effectively as a member of the development team


  • 以行動裝置為基礎的應用系統設計、開發、維護。
  • 將使用者的業務需求轉換成為技術規格,執行應用系統設計、開發專案。
  • 在專案中進行系統設計、原型製作、測試、相關文件撰寫。
  • 如期如質達成專案時程要求,交付高品質、高使用者滿意度的作品。
  • 為已完成專案、已上線運行的系統提供技術支援。
  • 在軟體開發團隊中扮演一位高效率、善於團隊合作的神隊友。
  • 面對突發性任務,如系統功能強化或系統弱點修正,能夠高效的獨立作業,完成任務。


  • 兩年以上軟體開發實務經驗。
  • 資訊工程、資訊管理、電腦科學等相關科系學士學位或更高學位。
  • 熟練Ruby on Rails (RoR), NodeJS技術。
  • 高效率追蹤偵錯程式邏輯、解決問題的技術能力。
  • 高度抗壓、喜愛高速工作節奏、滿足緊迫時程要求的工作能力。
  • 在軟體開發團隊中扮演一位高效率的神隊友。


800K+ TWD/month

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About us

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Singapore, JustCo is Asia’s leading premium flexible workspace provider. We continually disrupt the status quo and redefine collaborative working. In our communities, we connect dynamic entrepreneurs, start-ups and large corporations. People are at the heart of what we do, as we create networking events and strategic partnerships for our members and partners to gain insights, collaborate, and help each other. Our passion for customer satisfaction ensures our members find comfort and peace of mind – the same JustCo hospitality, no matter where you are. We make work better by revolutionising how people work, empowering our ever-growing community with exceptional flexibility, opportunities and experiences. JustCo 創立於2011年,是新加坡最受歡迎的服務式辦公室業者,不遺餘力地滿足各種動態業務需求,以最具競爭力的價格提供最全面的服務式辦公室和虛擬辦公室解決方案。 JustCo 配備豪華時尚且深具品味的服務式辦公空間、虛擬辦公室方案、最先進的通訊和網絡設施、設計精湛的會議室,以及專業的接待和禮賓服務團隊,滿足您的每一項業務需求。JustCo 不僅擁有一支專業的IT技術支援團隊,更有能夠全天候24小時運行於所有設施的「一卡通系統」,旨在確保您的業務順利進行。 JustCo 以滿足靈活和多樣化的商務需求為傲,根據您公司的業務需要量身打造服務式辦公空間套餐方案,租賃期長靈活彈性。JustCo 提供的各類辦公空間,均具有獨特佈局和空間配置,可自由彈性擴張,滿足您的需求。 JustCo 始終致力於滿足您的各類業務需求,竭盡全力為您提高時間和成本效率,幫助您在打造企業聲譽與辦公舒適愉悅之間達到最佳平衡,提供無與倫比的便捷服務。我們不斷成長的客戶群和進駐優越地段的據點數量,足以見證只有在 JustCo 才享有的卓越辦公環境體驗。

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