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Keego Mobility is an eco-logistics startup that makes IoT enabled e-bikes and e-scooters primarily for delivery and logistics. At Keego, we believe in building a sustainable world by using IoT enabled technology to reduce waste and prolong the life cycle of vehicles, while providing an amazing mobility solution that empowers 3PL and delivery partners around the world. 

As the market of Last Mile Delivery for e-commerce packages, groceries and restaurant food is exploding around the world, it is important for the companies to minimize their carbon footprint. Keego offers products that allow fleet managers to deploy the appropriate vehicle for delivery and manage these vehicles through predictive maintenance for minimal cost of ownership.

Founded in Taiwan by a diverse international team coming from the US, Taiwan, Ireland and Sweden, Keego is building a fleet management software solution that will power the IoT enabled e-bike and assist our customers in maximizing utilization, reduce operational costs, and ensure the safety of their drivers.

We are looking for people that can work with ambiguity yet deliver a valuable product for our target customers. We are looking for smart, innovative, and fast learners, who aspire to build great technology.

What you’ll do

  • Design, build and deploy the fleet management system
  • Design and build the software architecture behind key bike technologies
  • Build and maintain the cloud infrastructure that will support multiple customers for around the world
  • Collaborate with product managers and frontend engineers to ship MVPs to our customers for feedback and improvement
  • Continuously optimize and scale the performance of the server-side application and cloud infrastructure
  • Continuously maintain the security and reliability of the cloud architecture, ensuring data security and system defensibility
  • Write automated tests for CI/CD to ensure clean and quality code
  • Support, maintain, and document code logic and implementations

Employee Benefits

  • Flexible Work Time
  • Optional Remote Work
  • Westernized Work Culture & International Talent
  • Free Personal E-Bike offered by Keego


Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or equivalent
  • 3+ years of development experience with enterprise solutions
  • Experience with AWS IoT services, or any GCP/Azure equivalent
  • Experience with Backend development: Node.js, .NET Core, Python-based frameworks, etc.
  • Database: SQL, NoSQL, Blob, Data Analytics and Visualization tools
  • Experience creating and maintaining RESTful APIs
  • Experience with team collaboration and version control tools such as Git
  • Able to work with an international team using Fluent English

Preferred Qualifications

  • Mobile application development
  • Experience with enterprise solutions
  • Experience working with IoT Technology and communication protocols
  • AWS certifications
850,000 ~ 1,400,000 TWD / year
Optional Remote Work
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Logo of Keego Mobility.

About us

At Keego Mobility we believe the future of transportation is best human-powered and electricity-assisted. Steve Jobs famously said he wanted to build a bicycle for the brain because a bicycle enables a person to go further, faster with less effort. With the Keego e-bikes we get all of the benefits of bicycles and so much more. You decide how much assist you want from the electric engine. Going up a hill, get some help! Got a full week’s shopping with you, no problem! Need to go all the way to the summer house, cruise on!

We are an international team with members from the US, Ireland, Taiwan and Sweden who has come together to create the best e-bikes on the market today. The bikes are manufactured in Taiwan, a country with a long and proud history of producing bikes of all kinds. From Taiwan we ship to partners around the world.

We believe that together we CAN fix the world. When you don’t absolutely need to take the car, leave those 2 tons of steel and plastic behind and slice through the air on a Keego and enjoy sense of freedom and the wind on your face! As the world is installing more and more renewable energy electric bikes will just become better and better for the environment we depend on for our survival and well-being.


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Product Manager


Entry level
850K ~ 1.4M TWD / year