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若您具有強烈技術思維,注重細節和熱愛數據分析,加入KRONOS將會是一個很好的舞台。您將編寫python,shell scripts和c ++,並部署和維運分佈式系統(如 Amazon Web Services,Alibaba Cloud和內部研究集群系統)。

KRONOS is a leading trading firm located in Taipei focused on cryptocurrencies. We are seeking a Big Data & Systems Engineer to join our growing and dynamic team.

In this role, you will be designing and supporting our 'big data' initiatives across dozens of cryptocurrency exchanges and thousands of tickers. We record and process large amounts of data every day, and your efforts in developing a reliable, scalable, and automatic system for working with data are essential to the firm's success. This is a great role for someone with a strong technical mentality, an attention to detail, and a love for data analysis. You will be writing python, shell scripts, and c++, and interacting with distributed systems such as Amazon Web Services, Alibaba Cloud, and our internal research cluster.


條件要求: • 確保我們的數據流程在市場規範中可操作,可靠和正確 • 開發智能與分佈式生產流程 • 在快速變化的加密貨幣環境中串接新的加密貨幣交易所 • 將我們的大數據流程擴展到加密貨幣以外的傳統市場 • 構建數據處理系統以支持數千項研究任務 **熟悉Linux系統優先錄取 **歡迎有海外工作/求學經驗者 • Ensuring that our market data processes are operational, reliable, and correct in specifications • Developing intelligent and distributed production processes • Connecting to new exchanges in the quickly changing cryptocurrency landscape • Expanding our big data processes to traditional markets outside of cryptocurrency • Building data processing systems to support thousands of research tasks ** Familiarity with Linux systems strongly preferred. ** Candidates with overseas experiences are highly welcomed.


1M ~ 1.5M TWD/year

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About us

KRONOS是一家領先的量化交易研究公司,透過我們在全球傳統市場上數十年的經融交易經驗,為加密世界帶來新的資產管理策略。 KRONOS透過創新的雙代幣系統提供多策略交易和資產管理生態系統。我們在加密貨幣投資者和交易者之間提供了一個技術橋樑,投資者擁有數字資產並尋求各種回報,而交易者有能力管理這些資產並從強大的生態系統中獲益以支持他們。 我們的平台提供先前僅為精英人士擁有的複雜戰略和服務。這些技術基於復雜的機器學習技術,從短期基於alpha的做市服務到長期的智能指數分配,皆能在熊市或波動市場中獲利。我們的平台也提供流動性,資金管理和執行等服務。 KRONOS is a leading quantitative research firm based in Taipei, Shanghai and Beijing which is bringing new asset management strategies to the crypto world by leveraging our combined decades of experience trading in global traditional markets. KRONOS is delivering a multi-strategy trading and asset management ecosystem through an innovative two token system. We provide a technological bridge between cryptocurrency investors and traders: investors hold digital assets and seek a diverse of returns, while traders have the ability to manage such assets and benefit from a strong ecosystem to support them. Our platform provides access to sophisticated strategies and services previously reserved only for the elite. These are based on sophisticated machine learning techniques, ranging from short-term alpha-based market making to longer-term smart index allocations, and can profit during bear or volatile markets. Our platform is also a gateway to services such as liquidity provision, treasury management, and execution.

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