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Description du Travail


1. Drive vision, strategy and results through personal and team sales activity
2. Convert sales funnel into commercial success
3. Drive greater results from a growing sales function
4. Support strategy for KryptoGO to attract users that need to monitor and secure DeFi applications and crypto assets
5. Help KryptoGO become laser focused on their market and product strategy which includes presentation decks and messaging.
6. Advise Marketing team with planning and strategies for campaign ideation, development and execution.
7. Strategy sessions with the Founder and executives to ensure clear focus and milestones

Profil demandé


1. 3+ years experience in partnerships or business development (with at least 2 of the years at a software or technology company)
2. Understanding of Fintech, Web3 culture
3. Experience in recruiting, coaching and building early stage teams
4. Passionate about building new businesses and willing to be hands-on to get the job done
5. Outstanding interpersonal skills, both within your team and with leadership and partners
6. Be an analytical thinker who loves to solve problems
7. Be an owner and proactively find solutions to business problems
8. You are organised. You deliver stuff on time & handle stress well
9. Excellent communication & written skills in English


1. 1+ years experience in leadership and team management roles.
2. Strong understanding of digital currencies/assets.
3. Pragmatic knowledge of international payments.
4. Deep insight into commodities/currencies or bitcoin.
5. Familiar with Psychology is a plus.
6. Outstanding experience of public sector is a plus.
7. Crypto Degen and passionate about Crypto.

3 years of experience required
40,000 ~ 80,000 TWD / mois
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25K ~ 50K USD / année
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À propos de nous


成立於 2019 年,KryptoGO 始終堅信「透明即信任」。

以監理科技為核心理念引領創新,暨2022年獲得國發基金領投支持並推出跨鏈錢包後,今日將品牌服務升級至企業加速賦能,以 Web3 市場進入所需的客戶旅程與用戶體驗,打造企業級應用 KG Studio,提供快速安全的企業品牌多鏈錢包、合規科技、加密金流管理以及創新的 NFT 行銷工具、使用者管理與智能分析等功能特點,助力企業在 Web3+AI 時代實現成功。

在這段旅途中,我們期待志同道合的夥伴一起加入我們的行列, 如果你也和我們一樣




最新的公司資訊都在這裡 ↓


UC Berkeley Xcelerator, PlugAndPlay, 500 Startups, Microsoft Accelerator, PwC’s Scale-up, Garage+, FinTech Space, TTA


IVS Kyoto 2023 , FUTURE COMMERCE 2023 AI TAIWAN , MWC, CES, 台北國際電腦展, UTSF, TechCrunch Distrupt, Meet Taipei

◆ 台灣首屆監理科技黑客松獲選五項大獎
◆ 2021 年台灣唯一獲選 Select USA 的 Fintech 新創團隊


◆ 正直、無私、坦承 (Integrity)

◆ 開放、正向、彈性 (Growth Mindset)

◆ 積極、當責、交付 (Accountability)

  • 2023.08推出 KG studio - 一站式企業解決方案產品服務
  • 2022.7獲得國發基金投資,完成 Seed+ 募資
  • 2022.2錢包上線,發行元宇宙第一個春節福袋
  • 2022.1完成 ISO 27001 & 27701 雙認證
  • 2021.12 入選精誠 AGP加速器
  • 2021.09 完成種子輪募資
  • 2021.08 入選 500 Startups 加速器
  • 2021.06 獲選為台灣新創代表,參加 MWC 2021
  • 2021.06 台灣唯一獲選 SelectUSA 新創團隊
  • 2021.05 解決方案導入銀行,25 分行遍佈 13 個國家
  • 2021.05 入選 PwC‘s Scale-up 加速器
  • 2021.03 監理科技最大贏家(62 隊 18 國家),拿下五個大獎
  • 2021.02 入選世界前五大加速器:矽谷加速器 PlugAndPlay
  • 2020.05 入選微軟加速器
  • 2020.03 入選金融創新科技園區
  • 2020.01 與偉康科技合作開發的法務部區塊鏈律師證書系統上線
  • 2020.01 進入台大創創 × 玉山銀行垂直加速器
  • 2019.12 獲選為台灣 AI 新創代表,參加 CES 2020
  • 2019.09 入選 UC Berkeley Xcelerator
  • 2019.08 台北市產業研發補助
  • 2019.07 Draper University Pitch Day Winner
  • 2019.05 完成天使輪募資

Offres d'emploi

Temps plein
Ancienneté moyenne à supérieur
70K ~ 100K TWD / mois

Temps plein
Ancienneté moyenne à supérieur
50K ~ 100K TWD / mois