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數位行銷設計師 Digital Marketing Designer

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Job Description

As a Digital Marketing Designer at KryptoGO, you will play a pivotal role in shaping and conveying the visual identity of our Web3 infrastructure platform. Your responsibilities will include:

[Job Responsibilities]
-Visual Branding:Develop and maintain KryptoGO's visual identity , including logos and color schemes.
-Graphic Design:Craft compelling marketing materials , highlighting KryptoGO's offerings. Design visuals for campaigns, exhibitions, posters, and brochures using Adobe tools.
-User-Centric Design:Collaborate on user-centered UI/UX designs for the platform.
-Web Design:Create visually appealing web pages and optimize for mobile and desktop.
-Marketing Campaigns:Design visuals for effective marketing campaigns that resonate with the target audience.
-Collateral Creation:Generate aligned marketing collateral (brochures, presentations)
-NFT Promotions:Produce compelling visuals to promote NFT solutions.
-Stay Updated:Stay updated on design trends and apply them using Figma.
-Compliance:Ensure design compliance with security and standards.
-Collaboration:Collaborate with teams to maintain consistent design language.


[Job Requirements]
- Proven experience as a graphic designer or similar role.
- Proficiency in design software such as Figma and Adobe Creative Suite.
- Strong portfolio showcasing a range of design projects, preferably in the blockchain/crypto industry or related tech fields.
- Knowledge of UI/UX design principles and responsive web design.
- Familiarity with Web3, NFTs, and blockchain technology and social community is a plus.
- Excellent communication skills and ability to collaborate effectively in a team environment.
- Attention to detail, creativity, and a passion for innovative design.

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3 years of experience required
35,000 ~ 60,000 TWD / month
Optional Remote Work
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About us


成立於 2019 年,KryptoGO 始終堅信「透明即信任」。

以監理科技為核心理念引領創新,暨2022年獲得國發基金領投支持並推出跨鏈錢包後,今日將品牌服務升級至企業加速賦能,以 Web3 市場進入所需的客戶旅程與用戶體驗,打造企業級應用 KG Studio,提供快速安全的企業品牌多鏈錢包、合規科技、加密金流管理以及創新的 NFT 行銷工具、使用者管理與智能分析等功能特點,助力企業在 Web3+AI 時代實現成功。

在這段旅途中,我們期待志同道合的夥伴一起加入我們的行列, 如果你也和我們一樣




最新的公司資訊都在這裡 ↓


UC Berkeley Xcelerator, PlugAndPlay, 500 Startups, Microsoft Accelerator, PwC’s Scale-up, Garage+, FinTech Space, TTA


IVS Kyoto 2023 , FUTURE COMMERCE 2023 AI TAIWAN , MWC, CES, 台北國際電腦展, UTSF, TechCrunch Distrupt, Meet Taipei

◆ 台灣首屆監理科技黑客松獲選五項大獎
◆ 2021 年台灣唯一獲選 Select USA 的 Fintech 新創團隊


◆ 正直、無私、坦承 (Integrity)

◆ 開放、正向、彈性 (Growth Mindset)

◆ 積極、當責、交付 (Accountability)

  • 2023.08推出 KG studio - 一站式企業解決方案產品服務
  • 2022.7獲得國發基金投資,完成 Seed+ 募資
  • 2022.2錢包上線,發行元宇宙第一個春節福袋
  • 2022.1完成 ISO 27001 & 27701 雙認證
  • 2021.12 入選精誠 AGP加速器
  • 2021.09 完成種子輪募資
  • 2021.08 入選 500 Startups 加速器
  • 2021.06 獲選為台灣新創代表,參加 MWC 2021
  • 2021.06 台灣唯一獲選 SelectUSA 新創團隊
  • 2021.05 解決方案導入銀行,25 分行遍佈 13 個國家
  • 2021.05 入選 PwC‘s Scale-up 加速器
  • 2021.03 監理科技最大贏家(62 隊 18 國家),拿下五個大獎
  • 2021.02 入選世界前五大加速器:矽谷加速器 PlugAndPlay
  • 2020.05 入選微軟加速器
  • 2020.03 入選金融創新科技園區
  • 2020.01 與偉康科技合作開發的法務部區塊鏈律師證書系統上線
  • 2020.01 進入台大創創 × 玉山銀行垂直加速器
  • 2019.12 獲選為台灣 AI 新創代表,參加 CES 2020
  • 2019.09 入選 UC Berkeley Xcelerator
  • 2019.08 台北市產業研發補助
  • 2019.07 Draper University Pitch Day Winner
  • 2019.05 完成天使輪募資


183 ~ 200 TWD / hour

Mid-Senior level
70K ~ 100K TWD / month