Backend Engineer (後端工程師)

Job Description

1. Develop and operate scalable, reliable and maintainable service-based softwares and related components.
2. Cowork with team members to design system architecture, choose proper technologies and plan development.
3. Responsible for laying the foundation for the platform as well as proposing solutions to ease software development, monitoring of software, etc.
4. Profiling and performance tuning of critical components
5. Deploy system to production and monitor service health
6. Ability to build web services on Linux.
7. Good at any of the listed language: Python / Go / node.js / PHP.
8. Good knowledge of Network API Design ( e.g. REST or GraphQL).
9. Good understanding of any SQL / NoSQL database (MySQL / MongoDB / Redis / etc.)
10. Familiar with git.
11. Team player and able to work independently.

- 曾開發過B to C 產業等大流量APP產品
- 對直播產業具高度熱忱

人資面談 (30-40分鐘) & 部門主管面談 (60分鐘)
- 可以清楚了解公司福利以及制度, 並且實際感受團隊開發流程及文化
- 歡迎提出對於工作內容&公司制度的任何問題

- 管理部主管面談


- 熟悉 PHP / Python / Golang 等開發語言 - 7-10 年後端開發工作相關經驗


50K ~ 100K TWD / month

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