Vue Developer(Vue前端工程師)

Job Description

1. Use RWD and UX design pattern, can improve the website experience.
2. Use the Java Script programming language to achieve the dynamic effects of the design requirements.
3. Work with PM/UI designer layout planning, pattern, special effects, interactive design.
4.Good at agile development and fast iterative development environment.
1. 應用RWD與UX,能提升網站使用體驗;
2. 使用Java Script 程式語言,實現設計要求的動態效果;
3. 與PM/UI視覺設計師合作版面規劃、套版、特效、互動設計;
4. 擅長敏捷式開發和快速迭代的開發環境。


1. Familiar with front-end development technology(HTML5, js, Ajax, CSS)
2. Skilled in Vue.js framework for 2-3 years experience. 
3. Skilled in Javascript Framework or Library.
4. Ability to front-end page adjustment, can solve problems caused by different browsers.
5. Improve continuously self-technical skills and cross-departmental communication and collaboration.
1. 熟練前端開發技術(HTML5、 js、Ajax、CSS);
2. 精通Vue. js 框架, 並有2-3年以上之軟體技術開發經驗
3. 精通Javascript之Framework或Library;
4. 具備前端頁面調整,能解決不同瀏覽器造成的問題。
5. 持續提升自我技術能力和跨部門溝通協作。

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Hong Kong based Lead Advance Technology (LAT), founded in 2017, is a technologically high-tech software enterprise, who expertise in the online e-sports gaming design and development for worldwide customers and operations.

Our systems contain the real-time match data and state-of-the-art for trading platform. Our solutions focus on the immersive visual interactions with rich content, easy to operate, and our technical support service available everywhere within 24/7/365 all year around.

LAT established Taipei branch office in 2019, we welcome the extraordinary people to accomplish the ultimate goals together with us.

Our Vision:To set the new benchmark in e-sports business.
Our Value:Innovation, Ambition, Openness, Justice.
Our Standard:Realization, Customization, Observation, Perception.


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