Sr. iOS Developer(資深iOS程式設計師)


Job Description

1. Responsible for iOS platform client development and maintenance.
2. Responsible for the coding implementation of core business and technical components.
3. Responsible for managing product life cycle, tracking and analyzing product usage.
4. Provide product maintenance support and continuous optimization.
1. 負責iOS平台客戶端開發與維護;
2. 負責核心業務和技術組件的編碼實現;
3. 負責管理產品生命週期,跟踪,分析產品使用情況;
4. 提供產品維護支持,持續優化。


1. Familiar with objective-c programming foundation. 2. Familiar with the swift development language. 3. Familiar with Xcode development environment, familiar with iOS application development framework and GUI design and implementation under iOS platform. 4. Familiar with the application of basic algorithms / data structure, proficient in MVC architecture mode and a variety of design patterns, familiar with iOS system design specifications. 5. Familiar with wireless network application development, familiar with socket and http network interface programming, familiar with client/server communication scheme of iOS platform. 6. Can independently develop the application. 7. Deep understanding of OOD / OOP, good coding habits. 8. Be Sensitive to new mobile Internet technologies and willing to work on new technologies for exploration and research. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. 熟悉objective-c編程基礎; 2. 熟悉swift開發語言; 3. 熟悉Xcode開發環境,熟悉iOS應用開發框架以及iOS平台下的GUI設計和實現; 4. 熟悉應用基本算法/數據結構,熟練掌握MVC架構模式及多種設計模式,熟悉iOS系統設計規範; 5. 熟悉無線網絡應用開發,熟悉socket和http網絡接口編程,熟悉iOS平台的客戶端/服務端通訊方案; 6. 能獨立進行應用程序的開發; 7. 對OOD / OOP有深刻理解,具有良好的代碼編寫習慣; 8. 對移動互聯網新技術持有敏感性以及願意致力於新技術的探索和研究。


80K ~ 100K TWD/month

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Hong Kong based Lead Advance Technology (LAT), founded in 2017, is a technologically high-tech software enterprise, who expertise in the online e-sports gaming design and development for worldwide customers and operations. Our systems contain the real-time match data and state-of-the-art for trading platform. Our solutions focus on the immersive visual interactions with rich content, easy to operate, and our technical support service available everywhere within 24/7/365 all year around. LAT established Taipei branch office in 2019, we welcome the extraordinary people to accomplish the ultimate goals together with us. Our Vision:To set the new benchmark in e-sports business. Our Value:Innovation, Ambition, Openness, Justice. Our Standard:Realization, Customization, Observation, Perception.

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