Software Engineer (Monitoring System) - Working in Japan




*Please apply to only one position at a time.

Both Japanese speakers and Non-Japanese speakers welcomed!

Whilst there are many English speakers at LINE successful applicants may be asked to attend a Japanese training course for at least 3 ~ 12 months after joining. The training is paid for by us, and is an excellent chance to pick up new language skills. We encourage employees to reach JLPT N2 within a few years of joining.

Job Description:

We provide a server monitoring system based on Prometheus as a service to support LINE Engineers as they operate a variety of services under the LINE Family.

We developed Promgen, a tool to manage Prometheus and Alertmanager configuration, so that development engineers can take control of their own monitoring. By monitoring and forecasting resource usage, we develop tooling to deal with problems before they occur.

Specific Responsibilities Include

  • Development of LINE Family Service Observability and Monitoring
  • Development Support/Improving
  • Observing usage of resources, development of prediction tools
  • To develop tooling around Prometheus and the greater Prometheus ecosystem

Tech Stack

Prometheus, SaltStack, Python, Django

Required Skills:

  • 3+ years of professional experience in maintaining and operating a variety of internet services
  • 3+ years of professional experience in troubleshooting and operating linux servers
  • Experience in developing with multiple programming languages (any language experience is welcome)

Preferred Skills:

  • Familiarity with Prometheus and the greater Prometheus ecosystem
  • Saltstack/ Ansible/ Configuration management experience
  • Django experience
  • Log management tools (fluentd, Elasticsearch)
  • OSS contribution experience

Who We’re Looking For:

  • Individuals with an eagerness to explore, willingness to learn new technologies, who are intellectually curious, and dares to take on new challenges
  • Individuals with sophisticated communication skills who can break down and explain complex matters to anyone

Working Hours:

Discretionary and flexible according to ability and speed of work; if projects are completed on time there is no need to stay in the office for extended periods of time.


Minimum salary starting from 6 million Japanese yen per annum (salary based on experience and ability).

*Other details to be discussed during the interview process.


6M ~ 10M JPY/




Taipei, Taiwan


LINE Corporation was fully funded by LINE Corporation and established in 2013.

Since the beginning, we have worked together with LINE Corporation to rapidly develop our business so that we can continue to grow the LINE brand. Additionally, we want to make use of certain advantages that we enjoy due to our location in Fukuoka, those being our points of contact with users of LINE and our close proximity to the users, in order to contribute work of value including but not limited to improving usability and coming up with new projects for the city. It has been the mission of LINE to bring a "wow" factor to everything we do, in which users are pleasantly surprised with things that exceed their expectations. This concept of "wow" is a core value of LINE Fukuoka as well, and we constantly try various new business projects in the spirit of taking on new challenges.