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若您熟悉區塊鏈技術或對區塊鏈技術有濃厚興趣且願意不斷學習,歡迎應徵我們的職缺!Lootex 致力於打造數位收藏體驗。我們提供 NFT 相關服務,例如資產上鏈工具及賣場。若您對網頁開發及區塊鏈技術懷有熱情與興趣,Lootex 為您提供一個快速學習與成長的平台。


自 2018 年起,Lootex 提供 NFT 解決方案,專為企業提供可客製化的非同質化代幣(NFT)專業服務。我們有兩個主要產品:

You can learn blockchain technology by doing here!

Lootex has been providing NFT solutions since 2018. We offer professional Non-Fungible Token ( NFT ) customizable services specially for business. We have two major products in Lootex:

Marketplace: Digital collectibles peer-to-peer trading platform.



  1. 具備 3 年以上 Node.js/JS 開發經驗
  2. 具備測試開發經驗
  3. 熟悉 RESTful API/GraphQL 設計與開發
  4. 熟悉 Git flow
  5. 參與設計過自動化 CI/CD 經驗
  6. 暸解 Ethereum 運作原理
  7. 熟悉雲端服務(例如 GCP 或 AWS)


  1. 具備良好的開發習慣,能撰寫易於維護、可讀性高的程式碼
  2. 具備英文能力,能獨立閱讀英文技術文件
  3. 具備 CI/CD 開發實務經驗
  4. 具備 Solidity / ERC-721 智能合約的理解
  5. 具備 Golang 的開發經驗
  6. 熟悉區塊鏈開發工具與套件,並充分理解 RPC 節點的原理

Interview process

  1. ~45 mins chat with HR
  2. Coding assignment
  3. Meet with Team lead and COO
  4. Meet with CEO
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3 years of experience required
1,000,000 ~ 1,600,000 TWD / year
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About us


Lootex 是一個以玩家為中心、支援多鏈的遊戲資產商城與分享最新鏈遊資訊。我們致力於打造注重玩家需求、易於搜尋與交易時下熱門遊戲虛寶的交易平台。

One-Stop Shop To Gear Up For The Metaverse

Lootex is a player-centric cross-chain NFT trading platform that shares the latest blockchain game info. We are devoted to building a gamer focused marketplace where gamers can easily browse, trade, and buy items across multiple blockchains.


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COO & Co-founder
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CEO & Co-founder
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Marketing Director
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HR & Admin Manager
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Investor Relations Manager
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Dev. Team Lead

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