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The future of Medical Education is all about collaborative learning where users are able to socially interact with others around the world. Augmented Intelligence, Inc. (MAI) is a pioneer in the field of medical VR innovations to foster a compelling metaverse where users gain intelligence amplification attributed to Engelbart’s great concept - more-rapid comprehension, better comprehension, the possibility of gaining a useful degree of comprehension in a situation that previously was too complex, speedier solutions, better solutions, and the possibility of finding solutions to problems that before seemed insolvable.

MAI started its journey in 2016 with a commitment to create high-quality VR-based solutions for the next generation of health practitioners. With locations in the United States and Taiwan, MAI is well-suited to combine medical knowledge and practices rooted in Western and Eastern cultures with the most current technological solutions. MAI’s VR applications include BodyMap - a medically accurate VR anatomy and simulation training software program, AcuMap - a visually immersive VR acupuncture learning and simulation training application, and DigiTwin – a comprehensive medical 3D imaging tool. MAI’s medical VR solutions combined with high-tech VR hardware can transfer users into an immersive virtual environment for a unique medical learning and simulation experience. By offering advanced technological VR solutions, medical educational institutions open new realms in the teaching of medicine and establish new effective learning methods for their students.

Collaborating with leading players in the VR hardware industry, we provide our clients a smooth transition from conventional teaching methods to virtual-based approaches offered by MAI. Maintaining strong ties with our advisors from the medical field and working closely with our current and potential clients, we continuously develop and innovate our solutions by adding more advanced features to serve the healthcare market in the most effective way. By doing so, we strive to continue creating value for health professional students, practitioners, and clients in other regions of the world.

MAI (Medical Augmented Intelligence)於2016年創立於美國華府,是醫學VR創新領域的先驅, 我們在美國和台灣均設有辦事處,透過地利之便,整合西方和東方醫學的知識和臨床經驗,專注於人體醫學和針灸領域的臨床科研。基於對醫學影像與沈浸視覺的核心技術,我們致力於為下一代醫療從業者打造最好的數位模擬平台,擴增用戶的醫療能力。

MAI的產品包括 (1) BodyMap : VR人體解剖與模擬訓練軟體 (2) AcuMap : 身臨其境的虛擬針灸培訓軟體,以及 (3) DigiTwin : 醫學影像融合與數位分身重建軟體。產品與多數硬體大廠設備整合,將用戶轉移到沉浸式虛擬環境中,透過擬真的醫學影像模擬技術,以往在傳統教學工具艱澀難懂的複雜人體問題,都可迎刃而解。通過先進的虛擬實境技術,醫學機構可在現有的教學方式延伸更豐富有趣、高效率並節省管理成本的新一代醫學教育。


Products or services

Dedicated to building medical precise images of human body, we reconstruct 2D MRI/CT into 3D environment through Virtual Reality. In the medical education side, BodyMap gives it a way to let students observe vivid human anatomy layer-by-layer in a simulation world to enhance visual memory. In the surgical side, Digital Twin can offer customized service of medical record to Health Center and Medical Center which make Doctors easily cooperate with each other and get efficiency visual communication with their patient.

致力於建立精準醫療的人體圖資,透過重建二維的電腦斷層或核磁共振等醫學圖資,直接導入虛擬實境進行學習與模擬。在醫學教育方面,BodyMap 大體解剖提供學生在虛擬 實境中探索身體的奧秘,以往在解剖學上懵懂不清的部位,可透過擴增視覺得到完整性 的理解。

Employee benefits

  1. Birthday gift card & national holiday fringe benefit
  2. Paid time off policy - 3 extra days in addition to government regulation
  3. Health & Labor insurance
  4. Annual performance bonus

Work environment

Location and Surroundings:

Our office is nestled right next to the serene Chiang Kai-shek Shilin Residence Park, offering an inspiring view and a peaceful atmosphere for creativity. The spacious design ensures that every team member has ample space to think, work, and collaborate without feeling cramped or restricted. Its proximity to the park also affords employees the luxury of taking rejuvenating breaks, soaking in nature, and even holding outdoor meetings amidst the lush greenery.

Workspace Amenities:

Understanding the importance of ergonomics and comfort in fostering productivity, each workstation is equipped with a height-adjustable table. This ensures that our team members have the flexibility to alternate between sitting and standing positions, promoting better posture and overall well-being.

Complementing the tables, we've chosen the Herman Miller Aeron 2 chair for its unparalleled support and sophisticated design. This choice reflects our commitment to providing only the best tools and amenities for our team.

Work Methodology and Culture:

Our product development approach is rooted in the agile methodology. This allows for adaptability and responsiveness to changes, fostering a dynamic and collaborative environment. Our team members participate in regular sprint reviews, retrospectives, and daily stand-ups to ensure constant communication and alignment.

At the heart of our culture is the principle of respectful communication. We believe that every voice matters and that the best solutions arise from open, honest, and respectful dialogues. All feedback, discussions, and debates are encouraged to be constructive and anchored in mutual respect. This creates an environment where everyone feels valued, heard, and motivated to contribute their best.


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MAI的使命是改變人們對健康的感知和管理方式,將醫療知識和建議轉化為您的個人健康助手。我們正在開發下一代BodyMap,並正在尋找有醫學背景的內容工程師加入我們的團隊,確保我們的醫療內容準確。 職位說明:我們正在尋找多位專心致力於醫學內容創作的工程師加入我們的團隊。理想的候選人必須具備全面的解剖學和生理學醫學背景,或者具備醫學教育和模擬病患相關課程設計的經驗,以及出色的溝通和學術研究技能。醫...
55K ~ 85K TWD / month
No requirement for relevant working experience
No management responsibility

We’re seeking strategic thinking individuals capable of generating innovative and win-win partnerships to bring our medical VR solutions to the B2B and B2C markets. The candidates must utilize thei...
50K ~ 80K TWD / month
2 years of experience required
No management responsibility

MAI is at the forefront of EdTech innovation, specializing in medical VR solutions. Our mission is to revolutionize medical education and training through cutting-edge technology. We’re looking for...
80K ~ 120K TWD / month
7 years of experience required
Managing 1-5 staff