[MS] Consultant - Apps Domain (Services 約聘人員)



Do you have a passion for Cloud Services? Do you love to solve problems and help improve the quality of Microsoft's products? Are you customer-obsessed and have a growth mindset? If so, this is a great role for you. you get to be a key technical resource (a.k.a “expert”) for the customer, focused on delivering proactive services such as education workshops, delivering assessments and providing expert (there’s that word again!) guidance. Since you’ll be working with Microsoft Premier Support to expedite incident resolution, you’ll need to have an inquisitive mind accompanied by solid troubleshooting skills. And we’ll mix things up for you by offering a variety of customer engagements…some long-term, some short-term, and lots of opportunities to learn new stuff. 

Key Responsibilities 
- Provide consulting services to Microsoft key customers on Modern Application Design and Development to enable customer’s digital transformation. 
- As technical experts, design & review technical architecture, lead the development with core framework coding & code review in key customer projects. 
- Leverage cutting-edge technologies with industry expertise to demonstrate the capabilities of the Service Team and contribute to cloud consumption, including programming with AR/VR, DevOps, Microservice, Cognitive Services, cloud applications, cross-platform development, IoT, etc. 
- Knowledge-sharing with customers, for example: training, tech talk and workshop delivery. 
- Critical problem resolution 
- Drive high customer satisfaction in all engagements.


Skill requirements. Overall architecture knowledge and experience, especially in areas of services design, cloud design patterns, and microservices. Good at overall .net and .net core development knowledge and experiences. Java knowledge will be very helpful. Good at knowledge and experience of IIS. Familiar with overall front end technology, especially angular JavaScript framework. Familiar with general devops concepts and practices such as git, agile methodology, CI/CD. Familiar with containers and containarization of application and services. Knowledge of open shift and kubernetes will be good Good communication skills. Able to document and articulate design goals, options, pros and cons. Preferred knowledge - SQL Server Database Skills - Experience with VSTS - Understanding of/experience in software design patterns - Understanding of product engineering lifecycle We are actively looking for candidates to represent Microsoft on client sites. Candidates should have excellent client facing skills with strong personal attributes.


70K ~ 150K TWD/






美國總公司:美國威斯康辛州密爾瓦基市 網址:www.manpowergroup.com ManpowerGroup萬寶華(NYSE: MAN)為提供創新人力資源解決方案領域中居全球領導地位的公司,在業界擁有近70年的經驗。身為人力資源專家,我們透過萬寶華旗下品牌Manpower®、Experis®、Right Management ®、ManpowerGroup® Solutions,幫助80個國家及區域超過40萬名客戶解決其關鍵人才需求,提供全面的解決方案以發掘、管理、發展人才。 台灣總公司:106台北市大安區敦化南路二段105號10、13樓 網址:www.manpower.com.tw ManpowerGroup萬寶華於1997年在台灣成立分公司,萬寶華台灣團隊是由來自各產業的人力資源顧問所組成,憑藉著專業知識、經驗與熱忱,積極瞭解客戶需求,發展出對客戶最有益的解決方案。萬寶華的解決方案涵蓋企業中所有與人才發展相關的項目,包括人才招募、外包、評估、培訓、諮詢、職涯管理等服務。包含正職、中高階、派遣、短期、臨時、契約等人才招募服務;招募流程外包、跨區域招募、物流倉儲作業管理、供應商管理、通路行銷等外包專案服務;以及委外、試用、薪資等人事管理服務。




Jill Pan


Business Analyst Intern - English speaking

Betravelo - 實習生0 ~ 10K TWD/7 個月前更新


中國信託商業銀行CTBC BANK - 全職中高階700K ~ 1M TWD/6 個月前更新

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