Startup Operations


We are looking for a startup operator who supports team growth with different regions, managing team events, and establishing processes and tools that enable a unique culture of innovation, collaboration, and performance for Matters. It isn’t an ordinary Operations position. We are a distributed team in different regions with two office spaces-- so we have some unique needs.

In Startup Operations at Matters, you will

  • Work with founders for team recruiting and build up team benefits system.
  • Manage team classes & events and promote to external channels.
  • Supporting business and ecosystem collaboration.
  • Partner with leadership to implement dashboards and tooling to enhance Matters operations and effectiveness.
  • Supporting product & Project operations.


You may be a fit for this role if you

  • 2+ years of working experience
  • Strong self-learning and self-driving ability
  • Basic knowledge of Web3 & Crypto field
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
  • An extroverted social personality
  • Pride yourself in being a self-starter, thriving even without much direction

Bonus points:

  • Experience working in web3/cryptocurrency/blockchain fields
  • Experience with open source communities/projects
  • Have experience working in a startup company
2K ~ 3.2K USD / 月
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Logo of Matters Lab.


Matters Lab was established in 2018, with the mission to create a freer and fairer creator ecosystem through the next evolution of the Internet, Web3. Our initiatives include using decentralization tools to protect digital rights, designing a self-governing system and community, and inventing models for a new creator economy.

Matters.News is the first entrance of Matters Lab. It is the largest open-source decentralized publishing platform in the Web3 world with more than 80,000 content creators. Traveloggers is the second entrance and a social co-creation NFT that aims to explore the creator economy and co-creation model. We will be launching our third project, The Space, towards governing public space with Radical Market. 

In 2019, Matters was selected for one of the largest accelerators in Taiwan and Southeast Asia, AppWorks. In 2020, Matters received the Google News Initiative Innovation Challenge Award, was selected as one of the Media-X projects supported by Yifang Capital and Xu Foundation, and received the “Grant for the Web” flagship grant, Coil Foundation, and Mozilla support. Last year, we joined the LongHashX Web3 Accelerator project and closed millions dollar Pre-A round of investment.

Starting from the community, Matters is exploring the next generation of distributed content ecosystems, which need more solid product and technology exploration and faster iteration. We invite team members with the same vision to join us!

Any questions about joining us, please send an email to [email protected].

Know more about us:
Twitter (Ch)
Twitter (Eng)

Matters Lab 成立於 2018 年,致力於搭建 Web3 環境中,更自由與公平的創作者生態。其中,包含使用去中心技術工具,完成數字權利的確認、治理制度的設計、創作者經濟模型搭建。

Matters.News 是 Matters Lab 的第一站,它是Web3 世界最大的、開源的去中心化出版平台,已有 8 萬名註冊寫作者。Traveloggers 計畫是 Matters Lab 的第二站,目標是探索創作者經濟模型。Matters Lab 還即將推出 The Space 計畫,致力於以激進市場法則探索公共治理。

2019年,Matters Lab入選台灣及東南亞最大加速器 AppWorks;2020年,獲得2020年度 Google News Initiative(GNI)的創新挑戰獎,入選億方資本和徐氏基金會支持的 Media-X 計畫,獲得 Grant for the Web 旗艦項目支持。2021年, 入選 LongHashX Web3 加速器項目以及獲得數百萬美金的投資。

從社區開始,Matters 探索新一代分佈式內容生態,需要更堅實的產品與技術探索,更快速的迭代前進。Matters 團隊分佈在香港、洛杉磯、台北等地,我們支持遠程辦公。我們誠邀有共同願景的成員加入!

任何關於加入我們的問題都可以發郵件到 [email protected]


3.2K ~ 4.5K USD / 月

60K ~ 80K TWD / 月

3.4K ~ 6K USD / 月