App自動化測試工程師 (Mobile App Automation QA)

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Job Description

  1. 2年以上Android & iOS 自動化測試QA工作經歷
  2. 善於溝通協調, 善於自主管理, 抗壓性高
  3. 建立及執行測試個案, 測試計畫, 測試報吿
  4. 具備SQL語言能力
  5. 具備Postman API測試工具使用能力
  6. 熟悉Appium App GUI自動化測試工具
  7. 需要具備把手動測試的test case轉成自動化測試的能力
  8. 了解Agile軟體測試流程,並有實戰經驗者,優先面試,請主動告知,感謝。 

我們公司是採取remote work的上班政策,並不是疫情的關係,而是從公司創立以來至今remote work就是我們的政策之一,如果您喜歡挑戰自己並且不斷地學習成長,我們歡迎您來加入這個跨國團隊,一起來打造一個能改變世界的產品。


  • 工作經歷: 2年以上 
  • 學歷要求: 專科以上 
  • 科系要求: 數學及電算機科學學科類尤佳
  • 語文條件: 英文 -- 聽 /中等、說 /中等、讀 /中等、寫 /中等 
  • 擅長工具: Python、MySQL、Appium
  • 工作技能: 軟體品質與保證、功能測試(function test)、使用者測試(Usability test)、問題追蹤處理(Bug tracking)、軟體整合測試、測試計劃及測試報告書撰寫、自動化測試script撰寫
50K ~ 70K TWD/month
100% Remote Work

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About us

Metropia = Metropolis + Utopia. Metropia Inc. is working to revolutionize the city mobility ecosystem by improving system efficiency and helping cities rethink innovative mobility solutions for an entire region, improving quality of life and overall city health.

Metropia is the developer of an innovative new mobile traffic app that uses advanced prediction and coordinating technology combined with user rewards to incentivize drivers to cooperate, balance traffic load on the network, and reduce traffic congestion.

Metropia’s high-performance and mobile computing technologies produce apps and backend server systems that help users (commuters), entire systems (cities) and regional commerce (businesses and employers) during normal operations, pre-planned special events, or unexpected, extraordinary circumstances.

The Metropia app is one of several technology products in development at Metropia. Other products currently in deployment or development by Metropia include Metropia Synergy, the city mobility platform for traffic planners, fleet managers, campus planners, city emergency planning and more; and Metropia Synergy for Universities, the multi-modal platform that strategically manages campus accessibility.

We are a group of transportation engineers, network modelers and computer scientists, all with solid academic backgrounds and practical experience, and a passion for solving urban traffic congestion problems with creative and innovative cutting-edge solutions. We’re big dreamers working to bring our ideas to life and provide a better, clearer future for the environment.


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