11 - 50 People
$200 Million
Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Company summary

ADAT technology corp. is a company providing A.I.R. (Artificial intelligent reality) integrated service (AR and AI technology based) to eliminate all human error risks in industrial activities, which leaps up the efficiency at industrial world.

More over A.I.R. with the own patented SW platform can significantly reduce the repetitive resource investment in training employee, that is replaced by one-time effort only with A.I.R and ensure the knowledge is held in the organization in the form of A.I.R.

The highest skill level is maintained at work among the team and no skillset is gone with the leaving working forces. A.I.R. can pick up the top skillsets from the most skillful personnel and keeps that way for all workforce with all of theirs wearing A.I.R..

A.I.R. is an end to end solution in AIOT and 5G era, which fills up the gap of missing application between human and automation collaboration.

Products or services

We bring the end user the correct information and domain expertise needed, with minimal cognitive loading, at the right time and place.

We guarantees closed loop error management control to leave no space for mistakes.

ADB is the simple one stop platform that integrate your domain knowledge and all our cutting edge products.

Combine expertise, knowledge, our AIs and AI management products and any further multimedia resources to build and update your entire industry process from design to afterlife via assembly and maintenance, all with outstanding ergonomic and minimal cognitive loading design delivered seamlessly through the best in AR technology.

Combining the power of AI and AR into a new standard for process building, editing and delivery: AIR

Employee benefits


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◆ 其他



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