Software Developer (軟體工程團隊, Imagineer)

Job Description

【What Will You Do?】

作為scalable operations & automation project的軟體工程師,你將與一群充滿好奇心的跨領域專家共事,其中包含: 硬體、全端軟體開發、傳輸系統、衛星及無線通訊技術、路由及網路協定。整個團隊將共同設計、建造並運作高度離散式快取內容傳輸網路  (HD-CDN),提供新興國家顧客一新型態的離線影音平台。

為了解決上述挑戰,目前團隊正在執行scalable operations & automation project相關專案如下,我們非常期待你的加入,與我們一起開發創新的解決方案!

  • 網路營運中心:你所開發的服務及產品會營運在基礎建設普遍低落且天災頻仍的地區:即使當地網路服務斷線, 仍必須確保我們的產品Migo Download Stations (MDS)能照常營運並提供良好使用者體驗.
  • MDS工廠及配送中心: 你將負責開發自動化解決方案,透過先進技術,即時監控內容傳輸網路的品質,確保Migo倉儲及配送流程能以低成本達成高效能.
  • 影音管理平台: 確保顧客能順利下載高品質的影音內容是我們的承諾. 身為軟體工程師,你的挑戰是如何解決處理大量petabyte媒體內容. 你將持續研發新的工具以及科技,優化影片內容的後製流程以符合當地市場需求.
  • CI/CD系統: 你將透過雲端平台開發自動化系統, 透過持續整合/自動化驗證及發佈, 幫助我們能即時推出最新版本及功能並確保與各種行動裝置相容. 同時,應用機器學習, 數據分析了解市場趨勢, 以確保良好的顧客體驗.

【What Will You Do?】

Here are some examples of projects we are currently working on which we will need your help to continue building innovative solutions for:

• Network Operation Center: You will develop services and products that serve countries where infrastructure is poor and various natural disasters frequently occur. You will find innovative ways to ensure that even if our service territories goes offline, Migo Download Stations (MDS) will still be alive and serve endless joy to our customers.

MDS Factory & Provision Center: In this project, you will develop automation solutions through state-of-the-art technology such as IOT and machine learning, to monitor the whole content delivery network and drive down operation costs and improve operation efficiency everywhere in Migo fulfillment process (where we manufacture, provision and service our MDS).

Content Platform: Getting high quality videos to tens of thousands customers on a daily basis is Migo’s promise to our customers. To help us deliver this promise, you will solve complex problems around scalability to handle petabyte graded media assets. You will also continuously innovate on tools and technologies to optimize the post-production of movies and TV show and localize stories around the world for our consumers.

CI/CD System: You will be building the infrastructure to enable us to roll out new software updates quickly. This is to ensure consistent user experiences across all of our consumer devices. You will also monitor market trend closely with market research, data analytics and machine learning. In addition, you will participate in building a cloud-based automation platform to continuously integrate and test Migo’s compatibility various devices including mobile phones, tablets, TV set top boxes.


【基本條件】 • 電腦科學、資訊工程相關科系畢業或同等經驗 • 3年以上後端開發經驗 • 精通至少一種程式語言:Java, Python,… etc. 並具備物件導向思維(object thinking)解決問題的能力 • 具備高品質,易維運的程式撰寫能力 • 願意不斷學習新程式語言, 架構並成為全端人才。 【加分條件】 • 具備系統概念,並有能力設計具可擴張性及效能的軟體架構 • 具備自動化測試經驗,如: Junit, Selenium • 敏捷式軟體設計開發經驗 • 具備架構企業級平台經驗 • 基礎英語對話溝通能力 Minimal: • BS degree in Computer Science, or software development related experience. • Experience in backend development • Familiar with at least one object-oriented programming languages e.g. Java, Python • Able to write high quality and maintainable code. • Comfortable with learning new languages, frameworks and being full-stack Is a Plus: • Able to architecture design with system concept of scalable and efficient • Able to perform unit test with one of automation framework, e.g. Junit, Selenium • Experienced with an agile approach to software architecture design and development • Experienced in architecting any enterprise platform system Location: Taipei, Taiwan (20% travel, regional)


780K ~ 1.4M TWD / year



Yi-Chieh Chen

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