Job Description


    • Perform data cleaning and exploratory data analysis noisy user behaviors, marketing, content, and geospatial data to address tough business questions; translate complex findings and results into a compelling narrative
    • Investigate Migo's user behavior data to identify high-customer-impact problems around Migo’s core user experience; propose solutions and test hypotheses in an iterative cycle to understand the voice of customers in emerging markets
    • Build and use the analytical tools needed to deal with massive data sets to uncover important business insights through statistical analysis, machine learning and AI techniques.
    • Interpret Migo's operational data to identify high-customer-impact problems, propose solutions, and test hypotheses in an iterative cycle. 
    • Collaborate with internal stakeholders to understand business requirements, work with cross-functional product teams and leads the end-to-end development of data products such as recommendation systems and business intelligence dashboards.
    • Collaborate daily on our product and business strategy with teams across the organization 


Key Qualifications
• 3+ years’ full-time work experience with a Master's degree in one of the following fields:: Machine Learning, Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Computer Science, Statistics, Economics, or Quantitative Finance. 
• Comfortable using computer programming languages and data warehousing tools to define and build statistical models for identification, estimation, and prediction. 
o Practical experience in SQL on RDBMS or NoSQL environment
o Working knowledge of at least one modeling framework such as Python (numpy,
pandas, scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Pytorch, etc.), R (Tidyverse and common
statistical packages), Matlab, etc.
o Experienced in manipulate large data set and exploratory data analysis with data visualization technology such as Tableau, ggplot and D3.js.
• Proficient in discrete multivariate stochastic process, statistical inference and analysis. 
• Can translate user requirements into a functional model and interpret predictive models to non-technical stakeholders 
• Experience using a data-driven approach in at least one of the following fields: marketing, sales, media, gaming, studio production, or user experience.
• (Plus)Practical experience in building production level deep learning models using AI framework such using one or more including but not limiting to the following edge inference open source projects. i.e. TensorFlow, Caffe/2, Mxnet, and Android NNAPI.
• (Plus) Practical experience in measurement of offline advertising, geospatial analytics, or retail network optimization


1.2M ~ 1.8M TWD/year

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