Front End Developer

Job Description

As a developer, you will work with Qvalias new product - Qvalia Invoice Portal (QIP). You will develop the portal and its additional services. The system examines Qvalias customers' transaction flows and ensures that businesses are not paying too much in the present or past tense. 

In the position as developer you will create code in AngularJS, HTML5 and CSS3. You will mainly work with UX designers and the back-end team. As developer at Qvalia you will join a growing development team that in the current situation consists of four people, as well as external consultants. The group is characterized by a constantly strive to help each other forward. If you want to work with the latest technologies in an entrepreneurial company this is the right position for you.


Education, experience and personal qualities • Education in technology is an advantage for this position • At least two years of working experience • Good knowledge of HTML5, CSS, Javascript and Angular.JS • You speak and write fluent English We are looking for a candidate with a strong personal drive and analytical skills. You are a person who takes initiative and comes up with creative solutions to complex problems. You like to work closely with your colleagues and to solve problems as a team.


Monthly NOK 40,000 ~ 60,000



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