Backend Engineer (HQ)

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Job Description

Basic Qualifications:
➜ 2+ years of experience in Python/Java/Ruby/Node.js programming in web application development or API integration. (➜ Experience in any framework is a plus.)
➜ 2+ years of experience in MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle database design and development. Be familiar with SQL.
➜ 1+ year of experience in HTML/CSS/JavaScript. (➜ Experience in ReactJS/VueJS is a great plus.)
➜ Solid knowledge in web application and RESTful API integration development and design.
➜ 1 years’ experience in application deployment and application server setup.

Preferred Qualifications:

➜ Knowledge in application architecture and system infrastructure design.
➜ Experience in Linux.
➜ Willingness to learn logistics business processes.
➜ Demonstrate problem solving skills.
➜ Experience in logistics or warehouse management is a great plus.
➜ Excellent oral and written communication skills in Mandarin
➜ Business fluency in English is a great plus.
➜ Experience in CI/CD, DevOps is a plus
➜ Experience in AWS is a great plus.

Role & Responsibilities:
We are building our owned software to serve our clients for a better supply chain management. You will role will be responsible to:
➜ 50% Discuss business process and requirements with BA (business analyst) and system users. Include system analysis and design, and you will plan develop job for frontend, backend and data engineer. Our module/function need to design for multi-tenancy and which has high availability.
➜ 30% Lead and train member for project team, manage resource and do your best to make them stronger. Sharing technical knowledge or domain know-how to team and building your team culture.
➜ 20% Develop initiatives to improve team working efficiency. May include but not limit to process flow and system architecture improvement.

About Our Team:

1. We use Github Enterprise for our version control tool, so we have Pull Request/Tag/Feature Branch in our develop flow.
2. Jira is our issue tracking platform, and we also use confluence for documentation.
3. We use Jenkins Pipeline for CI flow, and Ansible is our CD tool for deployment.
4. All the new service will deploy on AWS, include the existing service and legacy system.
5. Flowdock is our communication and collaboration place, we integration Jenkins notify and Monitor tool with it.
6. We dockerize lots of service and application to our internal Docker registry. Most of tools are Docker container, like Jenkins, Nginx, Ansible, Nexus Repository…
7. Prometheus is our monitoring system, and we also use Grafana and Alert Manager. About runtime exception, we use Sentry error logging system for real-time notify.
8. We embrace open source like Airflow, Flyway, Swagger…

If you like our team culture and like to start from scratch, welcome to send your Resume/CV to us.


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Logo of Morrison Express Corp. .

Morrison Express Corp.

Supply Chain
1001 - 5000 people

About us

Morrison Express (鴻霖全球貨運代理) 成立於1972年,總部位於台北內湖科學園區,是一家由專業團隊經營的貨運代理公司。與全球頂尖企業合作,目前已是全球貨運承攬的領導企業之一。 因應全球業務快速發展,我們在台灣總部成立了新創中心Technology Innovation Center (TIC),致力於透過科技,打造更全面、客製化的智慧服務系統。目前 TIC團隊近百人,仍在快速成長中。

我們提供給客戶的解決方案由新創中心的同仁自主開發。透過重新構想如何幫助客戶快速、簡單、大規模地運輸商品,我們正在塑造貨運代理的新未來。 如果你想要成為一個對新創商業模式更有影響力、面對全球性挑戰更有競爭力的人才,請加入我們!

開發流程上,我們使用 Scrum 來安排每個階段的系統設計及開發項目,搭配 Stand-up Meeting 讓團隊的討論及資訊傳遞更透明。
程式品質上,採用 Pull Request 同時包含 SonarCloud 的自動檢測,再搭配 Automation Test 來提升產品的穩定性

  • Everything is open discussion. 歡迎所有的想法和建議討論,不論是針對開發流程、技術選型或是架構調整上
  • 沒有蠢問題!所有團隊成員都樂於解答並且與你討論想法,不必害怕舉手提問
  • 不定期做 technical & knowledge sharing,技術交流的同時也了解其他團隊開發的項目
  • 以微服務架構開發全平台的產品,加入 event-driven 架構,也包含 pub/sub 機制
  • Jenkins + Ansible 執行 CI/CD 流程,並部署在 AWS EC2 & ECS & Lambda
  • 定期採購書籍及線上課程,鼓勵參加各類型的 Conference

✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ 

15 億美元營收
80+ 個全球服務據點
300+ 間供應鏈合作夥伴及代理商
1600+ 名員工且持續成長中

✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈


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