Mobile Analytics Developer, Platform Services

Job Description

You will be responsible for:
Developing the technical ecosystem of the mobile analytics systems - including tools, data, and reporting to meet business needs
Refining the vision and strategy for mobile analytics from the MOX platform
Implementing a data ingestion system into a database (SQL / NoSQL) from various partners
Developing data connectors to our partners via partner APIs
Developing APIs to visualize the data in our ecosystem
Helping our mobile applications integrate onto the mobile platform
Creating clarity, standards and best practices around analytics processes
Working cross-functionally to improve alignment - especially on goals and strategic objectives, visibility, transparency and communication for mobile analytics needs.


We expect you to have: 2-5 years experience working with database, storage, collection and aggregation models Large-scale data ingestion and integration experience – designing, implementing scalable ETL processes to collect and store large amount of data from diverse external partners Familiarity with services such as AWS and Google Cloud Computing Proficiency in high-level languages such as Java and Python Thorough understanding as well as practical experience with the software development lifecycle Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or Information Systems We would prefer you to have: Solid working knowledge of Android OS, version 4.4 onward Hands-on experience with common SDK integration methods We expect you to be a person who: Thrives in a fast-paced, start-up environment Enjoys building and managing relationships and open communication Demonstrates passion for customer service, technology and innovation Has exceptional analytical and critical thinking skills


Monthly TWD 60,000 ~ 70,000



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