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Job Description

The Mozilla Taipei UX and Visual Design team is a fun lovin’ bunch of people dedicated to help design great products that make sense and bring joy to our users. The team is formed by members from multidisciplinary fields and we encourage creativity as well as critical thinking. Join us if you are interested in collaborating with talents around the world and designing products that aims to shape the future of the web!

This position will be based in Taipei office.

As a Senior UI Designer at Mozilla, you will…

  • Lead the design for multiple projects, from research, concepting and validation, through documentation, implementation and launch.
  • Partner with the product management, engineering, business strategy, community and other teams to move the design forward.
  • Participate in field research and able to translate research insights into product design.
  • Create interaction/visual design specs and related design documents.
  • Create UI visual designs, motion graphic and related design documents with efficiency.
  • Produce high quality visual mockups from wireframes, and deliver final design assets ready for development.
  • Pair up with interaction designers to optimize the user experience.
  • Raise and resolve open issues that may prevent progress.
  • Work closely with the broader team of designers to ensure your designs align across the broader product family.
  • Participate in regular design reviews and other team-wide meetings that may happen in an unfriendly time.
  • Communicate with global design teams and the broader community on design goals and status.
  • Positive attitude and are flexible, pragmatic and open to new ideas.


- Great visual/ motion design and communication skills for working with cross-functional and agile teams. - Desired skill sets: Problem framing and solving skills as well as ability to rapidly generate, visualize and iterate design solutions in collaborative environment. - Experience: Minimum three years of experience working on mobile interaction/visual design and a strong design portfolio. - Education: Advanced degree, or equivalent experience, in product interaction/visual design, human computer interaction, industrial design or related field. - Language: Fluent written and verbal communication skills in both English and Mandarin. - Experience in designing across multiple device types and platforms is a plus.


1M ~ 2M TWD/year



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About us

Mozilla Taiwan 美商謀智台灣分公司為Mozilla基金會所擁有,是一個全球化的非營利組織,其使命是打造一個更開放自由的網路未來,提升人們的網路經驗,並支持開放源碼的資源共享精神。Mozilla由來自世界各地的軟體開發工程師、測試人員、行銷創意人員共同組成,一致的目標是支持網路資源的完全開放共享。Mozilla相信只有開放的標準才能確保任何人、在任何地方都能感受到最安全、最流暢、多元化的網路經驗。 而當全球走向行動化的現在,Mozilla的使命已經變得越來越重要,尤其是在行動優先(mobile-first)的新興國家市場(emerging markets)。Mozilla Emerging Markets Team位於台灣台北,我們密切與在地的開放社群合作,為新興市場的使用者建構行動上網的開放平台來提供健康、具包容性且以人為本的網路環境。 想要更瞭解 Mozilla Emerging Markets嗎?歡迎造訪、追蹤我們的Twitter @mozilla_in_asia或加入 Mozilla Taiwan Line 好友:

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