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[ 公司簡介 ]
My Room Abroad is a housing platform specializing in assisting foreigners to find suitable accommodation in Taiwan. The company has been growing rapidly for 2 years. It has become the most important channel for many foreigners to find a house in Taiwan. My Room Abroad is more than just a rental platform. It's also a strong community of foreigners abroad. We organize events for foreigners to make their stay abroad unforgettable. The company founders are from Belgium and have a large customer base from all over the world. Therefore, here you will have the opportunity to connect with the world, in addition to improving foreign language ability, and expand your international vision.
My Room Abroad是一間比利時的電商公司。我們專門協助來台灣的外籍學生或工作者在台灣能用合理的價位找到適合的住宿。公司創立至今2年,成長快速,並已成為許多外籍人士在台灣找房最主要的管道。
此外,我們也會定期舉辦國際化的交流活動,例如學術交流酒會、野外露營、登山等等。My Room Abroad,已經不僅僅是一個租屋平台,更是一個國際旅人在海外最強而有力的後盾。

[ 申請條件 ]
1. 每週能上班32小時(自由安排)

[ 實習生會學到 ]
1. 品牌推廣:如何利用品牌策略,讓新創公司快速成長並推廣至全球市場
2. 計畫管理:與客戶協調、溝通,並安排及追蹤進度
3. 領導會議:你將會主導與客戶的會議,主管將適時給你建議及回饋
4. 陌生開發:你將會需要自行開發客戶,並運用各種陌生開發方式接觸新客戶

[ 實習期間 ] 六個月(五月開始),若合適可轉正

[ 薪資 ] 時薪150元(每週額外3小時薪水)

[ 申請辦法 ]
請將英文履歷及cover letter 寄到:[email protected]


150 ~ 150 TWD/hour

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My Room Abroad


About us

My Room Abroad is a platform helping internationals to book their room abroad.
Everything started back in 2015. The destinations of the exchange semester were just released at the university. Sebastien and Vincent were thrilled to live in a foreign country for a semester. They had a different destination, but both had the same painful time finding a room abroad. That is when they realized how complicated a process it was. They faced many fake landlords trying to rip them off, website in an undecodable language and usually not structured. In the end, they found a nice shared flat when they were in the country, but it was not without a lot of pain and stress.
That is when they decided they wanted to help future internationals students going to dream destinations. They wanted to simplify the process of finding accommodation for them so that they could live their experience abroad to the fullest without housing worries.
Almost two years later, after they graduated, they decided to bring the project to the next level. They developed the platform to connect internationals with trustworthy landlords. The first trial was done in Taipei, Sebastien's exchange destination, with 150 rooms and partnerships with his previous universities in Taipei and in Europe. It was really successful and My Room Abroad was born in February 2017.
During the next semester, the company has increased at a mind-blowing speed, helping more and more foreigners find housing abroad. The platform rose to over 850 rooms listed, 9 partnerships with the largest Universities and Language Schools in Taipei and a network of 12 European partner universities.
Today, My Room Abroad is more than a housing platform, it is a family abroad. My Room Abroad makes it its mission to help foreigners every step of the way making sure they spend an unforgettable experience abroad without any housing trouble. International students are accompanied by the booking of their room to their moving out date. Moreover, they benefit from MRA's community of international students. Through this community, the right facebook groups and events, they can meet like-minded people, who will ultimately become a family abroad on this life-changing adventure. This will allow every foreigner to create his or her personal mix of adventure, partying, traveling and networking.
At MRA, we strongly believe that nothing is more enriching than an experience abroad and we're here to help you to get the most out of it!


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