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My Wireless在美國為AT&T電信公司授權經銷商,主要經營銷售電信公司門號方案、手機平板和配件。目前(2018/01)門市總數已達111家分店,並且還在持續成長中,已成為AT&T在美前3大的經銷商。 經銷地點分別位於夏威夷、加州(洛杉磯、舊金山、聖地牙哥、北加州)、內華達州(拉斯維加斯)、德州(休士頓、聖安東尼)、伊利諾州(芝加哥),近年並擴展至中美波多黎各。在台於2011年成立自身ERP軟體部門至今邁入第五年,現正計劃將系統商品化及行動化,希望招募更多優秀人才共同發展面對挑戰。 【CORPORATE MISSION STATEMENT】 To provide a complete communication solution through knowledgeable and fascinating team members passionate about creating loyal guests. 【CORPORATE VALUES】 ・Superior Engagement - My Wireless believes in engaging our team members through knowing your management teams from your Regional Vice President down to your Assistant Manager and everyone in between. They will engage you in coaching, leadership meetings, monthly all staff meetings, Kick-off parties, and monthly awards through power rankings and more. Your RVP and/or Market Directors believes the best way to grow her people is to be involved with them through transparency and goals that are set clear for anyone to understand. ・Growth and Development - My Wireless is a company with rapid growth potential. Through something called the ladder of loyalty, you will see as an RSA and up how to get promoted and minimum requirements needed for each position. You will not only see yourself grow through the ladder of loyalty, but management is responsible for growing you and their teams to be successful. We do this by having non-selling managers and they will provide you with weekly coaching’s as well as monthly scorecards to track your progress and growth. ・Tracking and Accountability - One of the biggest ways My Wireless has grown is being able to provide efficient tracking and accountability. We have daily metric reports that break down all matrices. Halogen will track your goals from start to finish and My Portal will give you access to previous commission attainments as well as any discrepancies throughout a current month. Our corporate backend work tirelessly day in and out to provide all of you reliable reports that show your commission attainment month over month. ・Structure and Support - My Wireless is a growing Authorized Retailer and with growth comes the need for structure and support. Our company has positions lined out from RSA to RVP to facilitate structure and support. Our Operations teams and always here to assist with any HR needs or answers to any new policy or procedure. We have a V-team (Visionary Team) that helps our whole company with new initiatives or procedures that are also available for your support. We have great training programs and a superior backend that will help you track your sales and support you in real time to answer any needs.

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