Technical Co-Founder 技術聯合創始人 / Full-Stack Developer 資深全端開發者

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We are a New York-based, pre-seed stage startup using AI to learn your eating pattern and palate and to nudge you toward healthier eating, and we are looking for a technical co-founder, a seasoned full-stack software developer, in Taiwan. You will be part of the founding team working remotely in concert with our Zurich-based Technical Advisor and helping to build the application logic serving our app. The app is an Ionic app communicating with the Backend through a REST API. The Backend is implemented in Python (Flask) on the Google App Engine Flex with Firebase as its JSON store.
我們是一家位於紐約的種子前階段公司,使用AI來學習您的飲食習慣和味覺, 並推動您更健康地飲食。您將成為創建團隊的一員,該團隊將與我們位於蘇黎世的技術顧問協同工作,並協同構建應用邏輯服務/傳送於我們的應用程式。該應用程式是一個通過 REST API與後端通信的Ionic應用程式。 後端在Google App Engine Flex上以Python(Flask)實現,並以 Firebase作為其 JSON儲存.

Please note that this is a co-founding role at the pre-seed stage of a startup. We are looking for candidates who truly enjoys software coding and who are into healthy cooking and eating. After all, one has to PASSIONATELY share and believe in our vision to be willing to work for sweat equity as a co-founder. The early co-founders have been investing our own capital so far (not expected of you) in addition to our sweat equity. Equity range would be 5-20% (depending on your experience and expected contribution) on a vesting schedule, and there will be no salary until we get venture funding or until we achieve positive cash flow. Ideally, you should have another source of income, and working part-time would be fine with us in the meantime as we get acclimated to working with each other. Please contact Michael at LINE ID: michaelswu.
這是啟動前種子階段的創始角色。我們不僅僅是要尋找喜愛軟體編寫的人員,我們更期望能夠找到享受健康烹調與飲食的夥伴,和我們有著相同的熱情與願景,並能一起分享分紅配股的權益。 迄今為止,除了我們的汗水股權外,早期的聯合創始人一直在投資自己的資本(這對您沒什麼期望)。分紅配股的比例約在5-20%,完全依據您的經驗與可期的成就和貢獻 。在獲得資金或實現正現金流量之前,將沒有薪金。理想情況下,您應該有其他收入來源。 同時,隨著我們適應彼此的合作,兼職工作是可以的。若您有興趣,請透過LINE ID: michaelswu 與 Michael 聯繫。


- Strong ability to work from ideas and high-level specification sketches and design appropriate, light-weight but robust and flexible solutions.
- Write clean, idiomatic Python 3 code (on the level of
- Know and has experience common libraries such as Flask, requests.
- Experience with NumPy, Pandas and machine learning libraries an asset.
- Experience with REST, JSON and Schemas and a services architecture built on it.
- Working knowledge of the tools of the trade, GIT (Bitbucket), JIRA, GCP.

When applying, convince us with your
1. Portfolio / work samples
2. Apps developed, with architecture sketch / blueprint.



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229 E 85th ST #1187, New York, NY / 台南市東區長榮路二段71巷

About us

We are a New York-based, pre-seed stage startup using AI to learn your eating pattern and palate and to nudge you toward healthier eating.


Michael Wu

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