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總部位於矽谷,美商網基是一家快速成長且充滿創業精神的公司。在全球社群媒體分析平台上, 我們處於世界領先地位, 每年達到30%以上的成長!
我們將網際網路上的資訊,如 Facebook 貼文、Instagram 圖片、YouTube 留言、Twitter 等資訊,經由最尖端的自然語言處理技術(Natural Language Processing)及電腦視覺(Computer Vision)分析之後,轉化為能幫助客戶更快,更精準的做出商業決策的工具平台。

NetBase, headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, is the award-winning social analytics platform that global companies use to run brands, build businesses, and connect with consumers every second. Its platform processes millions of social media posts daily for actionable business insights for marketing, research, customer service, sales, PR, and product innovation. NetBase is a trusted partner to American Airlines, Coca-Cola, Ogilvy, T-Mobile, Universal Music Group, and YUM! Brands.
With continued stellar growth, we are expanding our team with talented individuals that play to win, work as team players, and care about building a culture of respect, integrity and agility for amazing outcomes.

* Ability to hire talented QA Engineers.
* Build cohesive culture and develop world class QA team.
* Build and develop automation team
* Develop long term QA strategy goals and lead team to achieve them.
* Drive effective communication within QA and across Engineering teams.
* Foster and maintain healthy and constructive working relationships with other teams, ie. Product Management, DevOps, App, Platform, and Support.
* Ability to manage large, complex projects and achieve desired goals.
* Conduct recurring QA team meetings
* Conduct recurring QA planning meetings
* Represent QA in joint Management Council meetings.
* Conduct regular meetings with each QA team member. Build rapport, help resolve issues, remove obstacles, and help them to achieve their goals.


* Excellent written and verbal English skills
* Experience building and managing automation team
* Experience with applying automation testing in AGILE development process
* Have the ability to solve complex problems with practical, maintainable, and scalable solutions.
* Demonstrated capability and motivation to thrive in a fast-paced, demanding start-up environment
* Analytical, organized, and curious
* 5+ years of QA experience
* 5+ years of QA management experience


40K+ TWD/month

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NetBase Quid Solutions 美商網基


About us

關於美商網基NetBase –

總部位於矽谷,NetBase是一家快速成長且充滿創業精神的公司。在全球社群媒體分析平台上,我們處於世界領先地位,每年達到30%以上的成長!我們將網際網路上的資訊,如 Facebook 貼文、Instagram圖片、 YouTube留言、Twitter 等資訊,經由最尖端的自然語言處理技術(Natural Language Processing)及電腦視覺(Computer Vision)分析之後,轉化為能幫助客戶更快,更精準的做出商業決策的工具平台。

2020年一月,NetBase宣布與AI導向的文字分析 (Text Analytics) 領導者Quid合併,並正式更名為NetBase Quid。全新的NetBase Quid將為企業提供前所未有的解決方案,從社交媒體貼文,消費者評論,產品評論,新聞文章到業務文檔,再到專利申請和論壇等數據,透過匯總、分析和資料視覺化,準確地洞悉上下文中透露的產業趨勢,讓客戶可以更有效、更快速地做出數據驅動(Data Driven)的行銷決策。

美商網基台灣分公司 -
1. 以R&D為主
2. 為全球研發基地,負責所有產品的開發
3. 優異的開發團隊
4. 提供工程師直接與國際接軌的機會

榮獲國際獎項及表彰 -
1. Forrester names NetBaseQuid the "Enterprise Listening Platforms" Leader
2. Gartner - "Cool Vendor" award
3. Consumer Goods Technology Reader's Choice – "Best in Class" award
4. IDC (國際數據資訊) - "Innovative Information Access Company to Watch" award
5. Ventana Research Technology Innovation Awards - "Technology Visionary" award
6. Marketers that Matters - "B2B Marketer of the Year" award
7. Constellation Research - SuperNova Award
8. PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) - "Silver Anvil Award of Excellence"
9. OMMA - "Next Generation Customer Experience" award