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智慧醫療_人工智慧/機器學習研發工程師 (AI/ML Engineer);歡迎博士級人才申請加入產博後計畫。

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Job Description


# Job description:

1. Use artificial intelligence/machine learning and analytical techniques to build prediction model for medical solutions.
2. Experience in analyzing and extracting valuable information from large amounts of big data
3. Design, develop and test advanced models for predictive medical applicaiton
4. Co-operate with software and hardware engineering teams to drive real-time model implementations and new feature creations
5. Design efficient, scalable, automated processes for large scale data analyses, model development, model validation and model implementation
6. Research and evaluate pioneering machine learning and statistical model

# Office:



# Minimum qualifications:

  1. Bachelor degree or above in Machine Learning, Math or Statistics.(Familiar with probabilistic model predictive models)
  2. Solid experience in system design and programming, ability to work with big data with minimal engineering support
  3. 2+ year experience in data mining, algorithms, statistical analysis, artificial intelligence and/or machine learning
  4. Please provide your GitHub link (required)

# Preferred qualifications:

  1. Experience with AI/MLOps
  2. Experience with Amazon SageMaker
  3. Extensive publication experience

# Other:

  1. Thinking about thinking; medical regulation
  2. Applying past knowledge to new situations
  3. Thinking and communicating with clarity and precision
  4. Finding humor
  5. Remain open to continuous learning
  6. Proven ability of solving challenging problems in both academia and industry
  7. Self-motivation and an ability to priorities multiple competing challenges in a fast-growth environment

Interview process

# Contact:
[email protected] 陳先生

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560K ~ 1.1M TWD/year
Managing staff numbers: not specified
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Neurobit is dedicated to providing a solution -- A portable, wireless, eye movement/ nystagmus recording and analysis solution for assist in the diagnosis before neuroimaging. When the medical imaging database established via artificial intelligence, we can make early detection and rapid screening which can differentiate between peripheral nerve diseases and central nerve diseases.

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