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Hình ảnh môi trường làm việc 拓連科技股份有限公司Hình ảnh môi trường làm việc 拓連科技股份有限公司Hình ảnh môi trường làm việc 拓連科技股份有限公司Hình ảnh môi trường làm việc 拓連科技股份有限公司Hình ảnh môi trường làm việc 拓連科技股份有限公司

Mô tả công việc

1. Identifying solutions to software and hardware issues.
2. Diagnose and troubleshoot technical issues, including account setup and network configuration
3. Installing and configuring hardware and software
4. Speaking to customers to quickly get to the root of their problem
5. Follow up with clients to ensure their systems are fully functional after troubleshooting
6. Ensure all issues are properly logged
7. Replacing or repairing the necessary parts.
8. Properly escalate unresolved issues to appropriate internal teams.

Yêu cầu

1. Degree in computer science or information technology.
2. Prior experience in tech support, or a similar role.
3. Attention to detail and good problem-solving skills.
4. Good English written and verbal communication.
5. Excellent interpersonal skills.

Interview process

Two stage interview (video) 

40K ~ 80K TWD/tháng
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Về chúng tôi

We at Noodoe (sounds like noodle!) are on a mission to make the world greener by accelerating the global shift to electric transportation. How? With well-designed EV charging infrastructure solutions so that organizations can be part of the revolution today, not tomorrow.

We make sure innovation is at the heart of everything we do. To do that, we break with the status quo, redefining what is possible. Noodoe empowers businesses to turn parking lots into profitable EV charging networks. We work with all kinds of businesses, including EV charging network operators, construction and facility management companies, auto dealerships, and fleet management companies. Our goal is to help them transform their organizations for a new era of zero-emission transportation.

Beyond automobiles, Noodoe’s endeavors extend to motorcycles. We understand that transportation differs from place to place, and we want to be part of spreading the green revolution everywhere. Through innovation, Noodoe partners with global brands to bring the electric riding experience to consumers worldwide. Awarded Cool Vendor of the Year by Gartner, Noodoe provides products and services that are used in 110 nations across the globe.

Powering all these innovations is Noodoe Core, our technological core. It incorporates cloud, software, hardware, firmware, and wireless technologies. Noodoe’s experienced professionals have a track record of over 20 years innovating in telecommunication and technology.


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