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Numbers Protocol is a blockchain-based solution that enables tracking, authentication, and proof of digital media. With this platform, creators and users can confidently manage digital assets while ensuring the integrity of creative works. Our community values authenticity in digital content and opposes the impact of deceptive technology-generated content on democracy. As pioneers in this field, we understand the need for users to explore and learn about our technology and products.

We're currently seeking a motivated Business Development Manager to join our team and lead our commercial operations. At the forefront of our company, you'll be responsible for securing new business opportunities, partnerships, and market entry strategies. Join us in promoting a secure and trustworthy digital media ecosystem.


  1. Cold contact potential partners and generate leads for business development initiatives.
  2. Identify, negotiate, and secure business opportunities to support new revenue growth.
  3. Develop and implement effective market entry and expansion strategies.
  4. Prepare and present business proposals, presentations, and pitch decks.
  5. Understand and keep up-to-date with industry trends, technology landscape, and competitor activities.
  6. Collaborate with internal teams, including Product Development and Marketing, to align business development strategies with company objectives.
  7. Participate in relevant industry conferences and events to enhance company visibility and generate new leads.



  1. At least 2 years of proven experience in business development, sales, or a similar role in the tech industry.
  2. Industry Knowledge: A thorough understanding of the technology industry, particularly in the realm of blockchain and digital content.
  3. Strategic Thinking: The ability to develop innovative business strategies that align with our company's mission and the evolving marketplace.
  4. Communication Skills: Exceptional verbal and written communication abilities for presenting ideas, negotiating deals, and maintaining relationships in English and Chinese.
  5. Team Collaboration: A cooperative spirit and the ability to work well with diverse internal teams, ensuring alignment of objectives and strategies across the company.
  6. Continuous Learning: Demonstrates a keen interest in personal growth and development and possesses a passion for new technologies. Regularly seeks opportunities to learn and improve abilities.
  7. Understanding of Remote Work Culture: Recognizes that remote work is not merely a benefit but a culture cultivated by each team member. Adapts to and excels in remote work settings.

Interview process

Stage 1

  • Format: Remote
  • Duration: 15-20 minutes
  • Agenda: Brief introduction and preliminary discussion with the Growth Lead.

Stage 2

  • Format: Remote
  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Agenda: Team member interview designed for a deeper mutual understanding between the candidate and the team.
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2 years of experience required
45,000 ~ 75,000 TWD / month
100% Remote Work
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Logo of Numbers Protocol (主張數據股份有限公司).

About us

Numbers Protocol 是基於區塊鏈技術的數位內容溯源解決方案,生態系包括公鏈 Numbers Mainnet,以及 Capture 數位資產管理平台服務 (Mobile App, API/SDK, Web App),為創作者及用戶保存數位內容資訊完整性,為數位內容找回信任與價值。

合作對象包含非營利組織、英國與美國的主流媒體、以及刑事證據保存機構等,團隊長期致力於開發對社會有正面影響的技術,例如與大屠殺證據保存基金會合作,保存戰地真實影像;疫情期間支援 MyData Taiwan 開發自主健康管理工具 MyLog app;也曾與中興大學合作,利用 AI 技術協助石虎保育。

團隊成員曾任職於軟體開發、AI 邊緣運算技術開發以及國家級高能物理實驗室等專業單位,如 Canonical Ltd.、DT42 Ltd.、Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory,累積豐富的技術能量,具備 AI 分析、分散式數據網路等專業人才。Numbers 團隊堅信開源與自由軟體會是未來趨勢,除了核心成員有長期的開源以及社群參與之外,CTO 為去中心化 AI 邊緣運算裝置開源專案 Berrynet 的主要作者與維護者,同時為知名晶片廠商 ARM 創新者 (Innovator)。目前的投資者包含行政院國家發展基金委員會、hTC Exodus 以及最大的分散式交易所幣安 (Binance)。

「開放、透明、自律自治」是 Numbers 對數據世界的願景,同時也是我們的公司經營理念,除了建立扁平化的組織以外,內部的制度非常彈性但重視制度、聆聽與快速溝通,在 Numbers 每一個人都可以是決策者;我們相信文化是由每一位成員共同塑形的有機體。雖然身處在快速滾動的新創文化,但在 Numbers 我們要求商品必須扎實被建立,除了在開發端導入 Scrum 流程、落實測試以外,也相當注重行銷與開發之間的溝通。



35K ~ 45K TWD / month