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***Target on board date: 2021 Q2.

The Responsibilities:

The owner of this position is responsible for providing technical support to customers. This role requires detail technical knowledge of embedded system, with 8/16/32 bit MCU or ARM Cortex M series processor experience, better have knowledge of Real Time Operating Systems (freeRTOS..etc)

Must have high technical competence, communication and presentation skills, good problem-solving attitude, and be able to adapt to a very dynamic work environment and changing customers requirements.

This roles includes activities such as :

  1. Response customer technical questions, schematics review, layout comment..etc
  2. Helping customer the board bring up, identify the hardware and software issues, clarify and solve
  3. Working with Sales and Marketing team on the design win strategies.
  4. Engage with customers with the training, promotion, and events.


Required Education, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


  1. BS or equivalent, MS desired.
  2. Graduate or maxim 2 years graduate from school,

Required Skills:

  1. Has coding experience on embedded system (8bit/16bit/32bit MCU).
  2. Hands on experience on Embedded system design
  3. Strong embedded processor s/w skills (ASM, C, C++).
  4. Embedded H/W and S/W design experience with microcontrollers, ARM microprocessors
  5. Great Communication skill and team work.
  6. Excellent Problem solving and debug capabilities
  7. Nice to have domain knowledge on motor control hardware and software architecture.

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恩智浦半導體(NASDAQ:NXPI)為IC設計與製造垂直整合的半導體公司,致力為智慧生活提供先進的安全連結解決方案。作為全球領先的嵌入式應用安全連結解決方案供應商,恩智浦持續推動安全互聯汽車、工業與物聯網、行動裝置與通訊基礎設施市場的創新。恩智浦擁有超過60年的專業技術及經驗,在全球逾30國家設有業務機構,員工超過30,000人,2018年公司全年營業額達到94.1億美元。 恩智浦半導體在台灣名為「台灣恩智浦半導體」,涵蓋位於高雄的「積體電路封裝及測試廠」、「亞洲區域品質中心 」,新竹的「全球委外代工供應商管理中心」和台北的「業務行銷辦公室」、「全球訂單運籌管理中心」,同步建立零時差客戶服務網絡,加速高階產品分析與應用開發。 

  • 台北辦公室: 台北市南港區三重路十九之八號4樓
  • 新竹辦公室: 新竹市東區關新路27號12樓
  • 高雄辦公室: 高雄市楠梓加工區經四路7號

無論是工廠自動化、智慧家庭或安全駕駛等領域,恩智浦半導體皆確保在邊緣(Edge)能夠即時蒐集、處理與啟動資訊。透過恩智浦具擴展性的解決方案,實現安全識別、機器學習、數據分析並增強服務,進而解決客戶的網路延遲、系統高複雜性、資料隱私以及安全疑慮。 透過專業的類比與射頻技術,強化恩智浦在處理、功能安全、資訊安全、連結與感測的能力,並透過軟體,讓邊緣融入生活。這爲恩智浦的客戶帶來前所未有的價值,並對消費者的日常生活與體驗帶來絕佳的正面影響。


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