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Research Users, Markets, and Startup Businesses!

  1. You will lead the product innovation research, including helping frame key questions, create research plans, conduct research, and synthesize findings into meaningful, actionable insights. You will conduct user, market, and business analysis.
  2. You will ensure the PMs are making decisions based on sound qualitative and quantitative evidence by collecting and making use of a wide variety of data – usage statistics, web analytics, surveys, support tickets, financials, and more. You will tap in and derive novel insight using a wide variety of quantitative methods.
  3. You will synthesize your findings into actionable insights and communicate them to teams, stakeholders, and functional leaders in a compelling, digestible way. Your overarching goal is to enable data-informed decision making.
  4. The work you do will inform how the PMs prioritize work, refine mission and scope, and collaborate with other teams across the organization. You will apply analysis and reporting to help identify and prioritize opportunities for incremental and transformational innovation.
  5. You will contribute to our growing set of best practices, tools, and assets intended to help product and service teams gain better access to and insights from their data.


  1. Expert in defining key research questions and identifying the right high-level approach (e.g., quantitative or qualitative) to answer them
  2. Able to synthesize quantitative and qualitative findings into actionable insights and communicate them in a compelling, digestible way
  3. Able to communicate and show the value of data-informed decision making, product design, and product management
  4. Deep understanding of digital product lifecycle; comfort working with designers, technical and business teams; deep knowledge of an array of research
  5. Good written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to interact effectively across and build a network across all levels of a large international organization
  6. Ability to work effectively with a diverse group of team members
  7. Ability to work under pressure and deliver on tight deadlines
  8. Fluency in professional Mandarin Chinese and English (both verbally and in writing)
  9. Ability to frame key questions, create research plans, conduct research, and synthesize findings into meaningful, actionable insights
  10. Ability to design and conduct user testing and concept validation, i.e. identify potential solution options for a stated user need and design experiments that help elicit the most viable solution for users
  11. Strong ability to generate and communicate compelling and actionable insights, both verbally and visually
  12. Experience planning, conducting, and communicating the findings from user research for digital products and services
  13. Experience planning and conducting both quantitative and qualitative user research at all stages of product development
  14. Strong communication skills with the ability to articulate and optimize the design based on the value to the user and the business


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