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動見科技 OmniEyes work environment photo動見科技 OmniEyes work environment photo動見科技 OmniEyes work environment photo動見科技 OmniEyes work environment photo動見科技 OmniEyes work environment photo動見科技 OmniEyes work environment photo

Job Description

- 開發應用於車載裝置之 Android 應用程式
- 與 AI Team 合作,根據產品需求開發相關應用

【工作地點】台北世貿中心 (101旁)
【工作時間】週一至週五 09:00~18:00 (中午休息一小時)

3.年薪加年終13.5個月 (全職員工)
5.當月壽星慶生/每月公司Happy Hour


1. CS/EE 相關科系,有相關工作經歷優先
2. 熟悉 Java
3. 熟悉 Android SDK

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動見科技 OmniEyes

台北市信義區信義路五段五號 2B09

About us

OmniEyes was funded by leading private VC and Taiwan National Development Fund in 2019, specialized in innovative solutions using mobility, AI and connectivity. The OmniEyes team was formed by three National Taiwan University professors through Taiwan Reputed Universities to Unicorns Program (TRUST-U) in 2017, and now is growing to a competitive start-up with top AI and software talents, along with professional business development and management staff.

If empty backseats can create billion dollars value during the paradigm shift of ride-hailing industries, so can the video recorded from these vehicles. OmniEyes has been building up a platform to enable mobile enterprises and individuals to share and take full advantage of their videos. By retrieving information including driver behaviors, traffic and road conditions, pedestrian and vehicular flows, status of municipal properties, content of stores/PoI signboards and digital traffic signage, and even weather updates from the videos at the “edge”, OmniEyes is leveraging its connected AI technologies to create an information-centric eco-system for mobility industries. The best thing is --- no drivers will lose their business to video uberization.

永不放棄的堅持 – 從腦力激盪到夢想落實
回想五年前,當國內外資通訊領域的主力市場仍聚焦於雲端運算時,逄愛君與周俊廷教授已經開始探索次世代資通訊具破壞性的霧運算創新技術與應用。兩人雖然過去都是從事科技研究的學者,但是在追求學術成就的同時,潛藏在內心的創新創業血液,卻不曾停止流動。在一連串的因緣際會下,兩位教授得到科技部價創計畫的支持,正式組成OmniEyes 團隊,在本著對研究與創新的熱情與堅持,以及過去累積的研發能量,加上熱血與極富創意的團隊成員共同努力,不間斷的腦力激盪與自我挑戰,終於將最初的創意,成功傳遞至國際學術界與產業界,引起極大的共鳴,並於2019年榮獲全世界最大的消費性電子展 Las Vegas CES 2019 Innovation Award。

OmniEyes 團隊僅執行計畫一年,從一開始不被看好的under-dog 團隊,成為極少數爭取到國內VC青睞並完成入資的團隊,於2019正式成立 OmniEyes Co., Ltd,,組成極具戰鬥力的技術與商業發展團隊。透過與商業客戶建立起的各種商業模式,我們打造 OmniEyes成為全世界行動AI與影像共享平台的夢想,正要起飛。


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