Partner Solution Engineer, Front-End (Mid-Senior)

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Job Description


Our Partner Solution team focuses on design, implementation, and on-going maintenance of IXT applications and technology. The team works with partners and clients who want to improve their ability to react in a digital world and enable scalability, remove performance barriers, enable innovation, and modernize core systems and reimagine their business with our IXT solutions.

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Job Overview

As a Partner Solution Engineer – Front-End, you will be a key technical resource for our partners and clients to help drive digital transformation of their businesses. You will be working with our partners and clients to design and implement applications that enable modern, data-driven engagement, commerce, and user-centric experiences – all built to drive growth.


  • Work in a highly collaborative environment with cross-functional teams on projects ranging from a few weeks to a few months in length
  • Maintain a high standard of quality as you creatively and strategically problem solve throughout the product delivery process
  • Be able to effectively communicate your work with both technical and non-technical peers
  • Build solid front-end architectures that integrate easily with other systems and technologies
  • Understand design patterns and write reusable, modular code
  • Working closely with other disciplines (Back-End, UX, UI, QA)
  • Have superior attention to detail and a strong ability to QA one's own work required



  • 4+ years experience building front-end web applications, with at least 2+ years experience in React
  • Excellent JavaScript (ES6) skills
  • Familiar with modern front-end technologies (NextJS, Redux, RxJS, CSS-in-JS), web security, and CI/CD
  • Experience working with remote APIs and third-party web services, loading data asynchronously, understanding state management, using JavaScript templates and dynamic views
  • Experience in responsive design development methodologies and best practices
  • Willing to learn new tools, technologies, and frameworks to develop clean, testable and maintainable components in ReactJS.
  • Experience in Scrum/Agile methodology
  • Experience collaborating with internal and external stakeholders at all levels of a company
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with high attention to details
  • Ability to work independently and manage multiple task assignments
  • Experience working in financial/insurance domain preferred
  • Experience of full-stack application development preferred

Interview process

Interview Process

  • Online test: 1.5 hour, technology knowledge and coding test.
  • 1st Interview:1.5hour, 1 hour meet with hiring managers+0.5 hour meet with HR.
  • 2nd Interview: 1 hour, meet with Taiwan Director.

Compensation commensurate with experience.

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About us


OneDegree 團隊成立於 2016 年,已累計獲得包括 BitRock Capital、數碼港投資創業基金、國泰創投等著名投資機構超過 3,000 萬美元融資。旗下 OneDegree Hong Kong 是首間獲得授權於香港經營虛擬保險業務的科技保險公司,合作夥伴計有慕尼黑再保險及法國再保險等領先業界的再保險公司。旗下另一公司 OneDegree Global 則致力為保險公司和保險服務商提供數位解決方案,為業內領導者打造全新保險體驗。

核心商業模式 純網路保險: Virtual Insurance

OneDegree 在 2020 年 4 月取得香港純數位保險執照,經過了前幾年的累積,隔週便在香港推出了純網寵物保險。我們期望能透過數位化,讓使用者在更簡單且透明化的使用平台,了解複雜的保險產品,進而改變使用者對於保險的刻板印象外,更能利用保險讓生活更有保障。

SaaS Product: IXT

除了透過純數位保險改變一般人對保險的使用體驗外,從核心的角度協助保險產業數位轉型,是推動產業轉型非常重要的一環,因此我們推出協助保險產業革新的 SaaS 產品 — IXT。

我們期望透過 IXT,協助產業優化營運效率,從保險產品的源頭到結尾,利用模組化功能協助企業在開始的保險產品配置及設定、核保自動化,到保單週期管理與理賠,另外,也能協助保險行銷活動管理。

CaaS Platform: Cymetrics

OneDegree 身為金融科技公司,是格外重視資訊安全佈局的,在資安議題日益關注的現況,我們觀察到市場對於資訊安全的需求,因此推出了資安即服務(Cybersecurity as a Service)平台,協助企業評估資安風險,提升資安曝險的可視性並以更敏捷及彈性化的方式管理資安風險。同時也經營著 Cymetrics Tech Blog,分享資訊安全與技術開發相關內容。

更認識我們:OneDegree Tech Blog 

在這個技術部落格我們將會分享更多關於 OneDegree 的技術分享,歡迎你來與我們激盪更多技術交流!


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